Bullitt Anyone have a blue or black Bullitt?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Reimann, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. If so, post pics! :D

    (I thought this empty forum was sad so I decided to post something)
  2. Black Bullitt

    Here is blk #2343, bought it over the summer.


    Currently sitting w/19k miles. New 18x9 & 18x10 Bullitt replicas, soon to have H&R SS springs and other steeda goods.
  3. #01640

    My blue bullitt and AMX

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  4. I'll add a few in a day or two...I just bought a Black Bullitt #3XXX (sorry, I forgot!) over the weekend!

  5. Looks mean, I like it! :nice:

  6. Thanks man there my love. Did u have any problams w/ the wheels fitting?
  7. 2005_1202Image0013.jpg



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  8. My brother just got a 2001 Bullitt, dark green with under 38,000 miles on it. Once I get some pics I will post them. The car looks mean.

    Now we have a Mustang flock.

    ME-98 GT Mustang
    DAD-67 Mustang Convertable
    BRO-89 5.0 and 01 Bullit
  9. Real bullitts are green ;)
  10. I know you didn't ask for any DHG's but I thought, what the...