Anyone have a wolfe racecraft roll bar?

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  1. Hey, i'm looking at buying a chromoly 6 point, weld-in wolfe racecraft roll bar for my 04 mustang.

    Anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Yep. Sure do.

    I ran the RSD 6 point rollbar in my C6. I opted out of the Wolfe Rollbar since the rear mounting points did not attach where I wanted them.

    My buddy, "Peter Pan", ran the Wolfe rollbar in his C5 vette. His car made 800rwhp, and ran some great high speed runs at the Texas Mile. He got in a bad high speed, horrific crash on the highway, and the rollbar absolutely saved his life. He had a crushed lung, and other internal injuries, but lived and is still racing. I can post pics later of the crash with the rollbar pics if he will let me.

    I don't know the mounting points, nor am I an engineer so I would never make a judgement whether it would work or not. Most rollbars, even my RSD, are just designed to make us legal to 10.0 or 135mph at the track. My car was way beyond both, and my helmet was above both top bars(halo) so a complete rollover could have been bad with my racing seats not allowing me to move my head down in the event of a rollover.