Anyone have an R34 front bumper..?

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  1. I bought a body kit with a R34 front bumper that doesnt seem to fit very well. If there is someone who has put one on, how did you get it to fit over the rebar? And is it supposed to have a bumper pad behind it because it doesnt fit at all with it.
  2. It would really help if you took some pictures of it or found some pictures of it online. I've never heard of an R34 body kit.
  3. I'm scared, are you talking about an Nissan Skyline R34?


    There is a guy who somehow managed to graft an R34 Skyline front splitter, with S15 Silvia headlights to a 2004 GT Mustang, and it looked, uh... :puke:

    Is this what you are refering too? Hmm I have no clue, Cervinis has really good quality, but I can't say the same for MrBodykit stuff...


    I highly doubt that anyone has even heard of let alone bought this kit here on SN...

    Poor baby Jesus :(
  4. ^^^I hope it's not the skyline splitter either. :nonono: Ya, I've never even seen any of those bodykits.

    Jgrigory, it would also help it you could tell us what year you stang is.
  5. as vanella rice would say, rice rice baby!

    just bring it to a body shop/ speed shop to have it installed and they can fix it no problem. if it doesnt fit right they add some more fiberglass & bondo and patch everything up
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    teh sexxorz!
  7. [​IMG]

    I know, that car is teh rawk!

    R34 GTR=

  8. :lol: :rlaugh: i'm stealing that!
  9. R34 front bumper.jpg
    It pretty much looks like your pics. I have a 2000 Mustang. We bought it from a salvage yard and are fixing it ourselves because my dad likes to work on cars. You can see some pics of it on my cardomain link. But I liked the body kit so ..:p
  10. You won't believe this...

    I took a dump, and it looked exactly like that bumper on a Mustang.

    So either I have hot **** or that bumper is bad.

    Uniqueness has its limits. Check out Ebay's "unique" cars ;)

  11. Like I keep saying on every forum: I am not asking for your personal opinion of my body kit! If I were asking for your opinion I would have clearly said it. And if you don't know anything about the body kit why do you even respond? Have you people no decency? It's no wonder these forums are not as popular. Because people like you get on here not to help but to make fun of or make smart comments. I thank this mustang forum for nothing because it was absolutely not help at all.
  12. The reason that every forum (I am guessing Mustang related forums) you post this on gives you a hard time is because the R34 body kit is based on a Japanese car that arguably has more performance, and different style (JDM) than a Mustang

    JDM (Japanese Domestic Manufactured) stuff is usually a nono, and people will take no time is leaving you a piece of their mind about a body kit that doesn't fit an overall unwritten standard.

    Don't take it personal, and keep your chin up, that kit is not half as ugly as this one.

    Or this one...
    View attachment 494298

    And just remember that it could be worse...


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  13. Thanks. Its nice to know there is at least one decent person on this forum. I figured I could at least ask for help on this forum regardless of what body kit because it was going on a mustang. I didnt know you had to meet certain standards to say something on here.
  14. Well not standards per say, but a majority of people, (Most of which will never see your car in person, and who you will never meet) will throw it out there.

    It's your car, don't let a message board sway your opinion, just know that there are a large number of folks that visit this forum, and they will give it to you straight.

    As far as the bumper support insulator, it attaches to the front bumper support to absorb the impact during collision. Also helps provide the front bumper cover with shape and reinforcement.

  15. haha...the problem is that the insulator doesnt fit behind the bumper..:p the bumper didnt even fit over the rebar because the ends kind of stuck out too far and the bumper wouldnt bend around it because its fiberglass and it sucks. So we cut angles off of the ends of the rebar so maybe it will work now. :)
  16. I'm entitled to my opinion just as you're entitled to make your car look like crap.


    We'll be here when the next guy comes through wanting a jet wing on the back of his car.

    And it has nothing to do with standards. It has do with appearance. Do you want to see a 400lb chic in a string bikini? I hope not, but some people do. That's the bottom line to that. So don't get your thong in a wad when someone voices their opinion.

    Don't even get me started on decency when you're putting a Skyline bumper on a Mustang. That bumper doesn't even look that great on the Skyline. But OMGAH its a Skyline bumper!!11!!!111!!1!

    And before I get jumped for not liking anything that's an import and only like domestic stuff... I hate the Cobra R wing and I hate the 1999-04 Roush front bumpers. I don't like the Cobra hood with the vents in the middle of the hood (i dont know which year). I don't like the non-fuctional scoops. I don't like Cobra wheels (cobra r's are fine, but the 2003 cobras only look good on 1999-04 stangs). I don't care much for the bullit wheels (just chrome like the kragars). I don't like the Mach 1 wheels. I basically don't like any stock wheels up to 2004. I hate the 2005 V6 wheels as well. So there is plenty of domestic stuff I don't necessarily like either.
  17. AP, you don't like alot of things :eek: MUSTANG HATER

  18. I only read like 2 posts in this whole thread

  19. If you're having a hard time taking crap from people on the internet, just imagine what it's gonna be like when you put that thing on the car you drive around in. Chances are you'll get tired of taking crap from your friends.

    Then again...if all your friends drive Hyundais and Civics with those kits, then you'll fit I don't know.

    Either way, you're a Mustang owner. Your car has a heritage to it and the reason people hate ricer crap on Mustangs is because Mustangs were around 30 years before the ricer craze, and they'll still be around 30 years after it's over. So keep it true to its heritage. You wouldn't do a Honda 1.6 swap would you? So why should a Skyline front end make anymore sense?:shrug: :flag:
  20. I like my car the way it is, maybe a Mach I chin spoiler, but that's just me. The bumper isn't bad or anything, I would call it bulky. I'd rather put my money in gears, posi, and tuner. But I do believe that a person's car can be a good form of expressing one's self. I'd rather see that bumper on a Mustang over someone who has been tattoo'd and pierced way too excessively.

    But check to see if the one you have fits your year. There are some differences in 99, but the picture you posted in the other thread was a 99+ and the 2 I've seen in here are 94-98s.