Anyone have any experience with HP Tuners?


10 Year Member
Oct 30, 2008
So, I’m about sick of dealing with the a$$ pain of trying to find a tuner at every duty station I get assigned to and then choking up the “extra” money for them to transfer licenses and all that crap. I am highly considering just buying the damm HP Tuners Suite and figuring it out (worst case i’d offer a known local tuner to sanity check my adjustments and pay for dyno time).

I was a mechanically inclined nerd in high school with a love for fast cars and I used to code (uhh really good with VB and dabbled in C++)... anyway I can figure $hit out fairly easily and pretty quickly, but the only people i’ve ever met who deals with tuning, ninja sits on what they know (and a couple of them truly don’t appear to be that bright). So, I guess I am asking if any one can give me a little bit of insight of what I am considering getting into, I would be very appreciative. I don’t want to drop a metric $hit ton of money on the software and self tuning books that break stuff down to the point of making a PB&J sammich.

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