Anyone have any pics of 69 coupe restomod

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  1. I was wondering if anyone here had any 69 coupe restomod pictures that i could get any ideas from. Trying to restore mine and wondering on how to do it. :shrug:
  2. Someone else on this board has a 69 coupe!!! :cheers: NO WAY!! Awesome, I'm not the only one. 'Course on the other hand, now I have competition! :damnit: lol oh well. It's still good stuff :banana:
  3. Got 2 69 coupes but no pictures yet. Hope to have some by xmas.
  4. i have a coupe also. there are a bunch of us here with 69 coupes. its my favorite body style.
  5. 69

    I really like the looks of these cars. I cant wait to get my project under way. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of mine up soon. Its got the 351W 2 barrel(for now-changing to four barrel), Fmx 3 speed. Send me any pics if you have any of your 69's. Thanks guys.
  6. Aye, the coupe is a mean lookin' bird.

    I gots meself a 74 celica, which toyota modelled off of the 69 coupe, so I'm close :p

  7. i have a 69 GT coupe, 351w-4v, FMX auto, heavy duty suspension, hood pins and scoop, quad tip dual exhaust, power steering and power disc brakes. it was originally lime gold with a black vinyl top and the black reflective gt tape stripes with an ivy gold standard interior with center console the visibility group, A/C and tinted windows. when i get done with it, it will be acapulco blue with a black vinyl top, black reflective gt tape stripes and some boss 302 black out stuff, hood, headlight insets and taillight panel with a black deluxe interior. the restomod plans include an AOD tranny, rear disc brakes, power rack and pinion, and eventually a long rod roller 351w with better heads and some kind of throttle body injection (holley pro-jection most likely) it will also have some custom interior touches like power windows and locks. good luck with your project
  8. I got a coupe too...Im doing a complete restomod, well its going to be more of a custom all together. Im going to have 4 link rear, Mustang II front suspension, 17x11 and 17x9 TTII's, 2002 mustang GT interior, 5.4 DOHC twin turbo motor, T56... CUSTOM :D :D :D
  9. A friend of mine are building a 69 Coupe Rod :nice:
    It feautures : 16x9,5 Centerline Sunray II`s, Dakota Digitals and much more to come. A Complete GLOBAL WEST system is already on it. Talking about Airride.
    He also thinking of some other wheels.... Colorado Custom


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  10. modmach1,

    Nice project, alittle further along than mine. I'm in the planning stage of my project. Other priorities ya know. I like the lines of my coupe. So far my plans include rebuilding the 351C, replacing the 4spd with a 6spd, a complete frame and rollbar/cage system, CWI IRS with 9" or quick change center (leaning towards the 9" center), MII type IFS, widened quarters, one-piece front bumper/pan/airdam unit, one-piece rear bumper/pan unit, fglass hood. Still working on some plans.
  11. :nice: You got some nice mods going on. I like the one-piece front unit ! And that rollbar would look way cool.. See you are going for Pro Touring look :nice:
  12. My vision is a Ferrari class of vehicle but definately mustang. I guess you could call it a touring car.

    I can relate to you, mine is bordering on custom.
  13. Lately when I hit the Photo links I get a plain white screen with a black and white stangnet logo in the upper left corner. Anyone have any idea what this is about???