Anyone have any pony fender emblems they would like to give away???

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Junior2561, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. i can paypal you a $1 for shipping.... :hail2:
  2. Hmm...yes...but since shipping will be like 7 dollars since its the holiday season....ima have to go with a no on this one...btw, nothing is free(other then maybe air) :nonono:
  3. i don't know what you're talking about. stangnet is free. and so is water sometimes, and dirt. you can sometimes find money for free if you look around on the ground hard enough. and loooooove. love is free.

  4. wanna get technical? You do have to pay for some water, I mean if you get water out of your fridge, you had to pay for the fridge, and the filters when u have to change them and whatever. See, air, you never had to pay for air. Again, if u want water from the store, u have to pay for it. Stangnet may be free, but you're paying for the internet to be able to use stangnet
  5. :rlaugh: :owned:
  6. everything is free if you never pay the bills.:D
  7. i can get into my neighbor's wireless nets and have free internet
  8. you don't have to pay for water, you can just go to some public place with a water fountain and voila, free water! and libraries usualy have free internet for you to use if you sign up so stanget's free too! i win i win i win.
  9. hmm...then maybe i'll just go to the junk yard ;)

  10. I guess thats a good point, but still air is a lot freeer than water and internet
  11. Free? How did you get to the library? Walked...maybe...did you wear shoes? did you drive? did you wear any clothes?...we'll go with you walked....the cost of those shoes factor in to the price of the internet since you needed those shoes to get to the place with free you don't win. Those shoes cost money. Therefore the internet at the library for you isn't free.
  12. ok well in that case it costs money for your parents to give you birth, and you can't breathe if you're not alive, so i guess air isn't free either.

    oh and your parents probably wore clothes and had shoes and drove a car and stuff, so that makes it even less free.


  13. Ok children, calm down, I swear, there's some funny ass arguments that stem from the weirdest thing on this board. GOD BLESS STANGNET :hail2:

  14. i think you guys are forgetting something... TAXES.

    what, did you think the library and water fountain built itself???:shrug: