Found Anyone Have Any Vortech Pulleys Laying Around?

Discussion in 'SN95 WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by 99FiveOh, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Like a dumbass I traded my 2.95" pulley for a 3.33" with the misguided notion that 12 psi would be a little better on my motor than 14-15 psi. Well, even though it probably is better on the motor, I don't like the power loss that comes with it.

    So I'd like to go back with what I had before and what the car was tuned for. Seems that every time I try to get a deal going on a pulley I see for sale it's snatched up!

    A 2.95 or 3" Vortech 8 rib would be perfect if any of you have something laying around.
  2. Moving to Classifieds
  3. You can just delete it. It won't get any attention in that section anyway. This site needs a power adder classifieds section badly!

  4. You might be surprised... have you seen the new tag system for the classifieds?

    We tried a one-size-fits-all power adder section before. It doesn't work because the kits between years are so different.
  5. An 8 rib pulley will fit any Vortech supercharger. So if a guy puts it up for sale in say the Fox classifieds, a guy with an SN95 would never see it. Smart people would search both forums but I don't have much hope anymore for humankind in the smarts department... Facebook scares the crap out of me! lol
  6. Well the tag system brings the newer threads to the top. Click on What's New for instance. Then click any of the FOR SALE or WTB tags... it will bring them ALL to the top.
Thread Status:
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