anyone have clear taillights

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  1. Ya i got into a little accident and they were asking to much for stock taillights so i just got some clear 98 style headlights and i was wandering if anyone had them and if so what type of bulbs would be the best for it. So they wont be white or pink but red, and that will last me.
  2. I got the red bulbs from apc, they used to make them with just a red coating that would wear off but now they make ones where the glass is red. If the bulb is really really dark red, its probably coated. I think thats what you meant because you said headlights also?
  3. Yuck! Leave the clear stuff to the Civic's, Integra's and such. I don't even like them on the Lightnings.
  4. Hmmmmmmm RICE!

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  5. 96-98 style AND clear!!! :flame: :nonono:
  6. i didnt want to get them but couldnt afford a stock one if u can find me one then let me know where to get one for cheap.
  7. I got my pair of tail lights for a 96-98 for under 150 bucks.. salvage yards rock !
  8. Just keep checking junkyards!
  9. got one tail for 70$ CAN at a local yard, DONT ADD CLEAR, PLEASE PLEASE.
  10. I got a pair of stock ones off ebay for $45 shipped.