Anyone have instructions for OEM keyless entry remote for 99+ Stangs

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  1. My friend broke his OEM keyless entry remote on his 02 Mustang GT vert and he bought used one from ebay (same is old one) without instructions,
    I was wandering does anyone have or know how to install OEM keyless entry remote

    Thank you
  2. is it a oem keyless entry or ford dealer installed keyless entry?
  3. you have to have a dealer program it to the car
  4. Tell him that everything he needs to know (about keyless entry remote) is located in his owners manual.
  5. Its oem keyless entry just like title says
    And he don't have owners manual
  6. :stupid:
  7. cycle ignition on/off 8 times within 10seconds ending in run or ACC. Doors will lock thne unlock to confirm program mode. press any button on the 1st transmitter, door locks will cycle again to confirm remote added. press any button on 2nd remote and the locks will cycle again to confirm. you can add up to 4remotes.

    when finished turn ignition off and locks will cycle again and your done.

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  9. hey nice...
    certain models/years needed to have all doors closed as well.
  10. Thanks man ,i should post this in 94-95 forums and still get answer right urban96