Anyone have pics of calssic with a 5.0liter in it

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  1. Looking ot maybe do this changeover one day of a 65-67 mustang with a fuel injected 5.0l and 5spd tranmission.

    Anyone have pics of this already.
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  3. Go to

    They have a car or two on their site (if you look around hard enough) with an efi conversion.
  4. I am doing the swap now. Just pulled the old 302 and am in the process of stripping and cleaning the engine bay to drop in the engine. I am glad to give you as much info, costs, support as I go along. I should be finished with the conversion by mid-Jan. Doing it by myself, and Colorado cold slow things down a bit but I want to do it right the first time. Good luck, it has been a blast so far.
  5. [​IMG]

    Also have some info @ my website, I haven´t had time to update much there for a while, but I have a new site coming up soon.

    Ooops.. forgot to mention, it´s not a 5.0, it´s a coverted old ´68 289.

  6. Good to see you around Håkan. :nice:
  7. More pix on my website.

  8. Hey thats my engine! Well old set up. Where'd you get it from? :nice: Thanks for posting it.

    The first picture is from when I was getting ready to pull it all out and the second one is one I first put it in.

    Notice how it was as shiny on the first pic since I left it sitting for 8 months without even opening the hood, I would start it maybe every other week.
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  10. I see the cone filters out in the open. Wind from the fan is not messing with the MAF?
  11. Thanks Blake! :nice:

  12. Never had a problem. Maybe since I was using an electric fan that I only turned on after I turned off the car. Never had cooling issues :nice:

    I actually had problems getting the car up to temp with the 185 thermostat I even replaced thinking it was that but nope still cooled like a champ with no fan and a piece of double sided aluminum insulation blocking the radiator. I wonder why, could never figure it out in the 3 months that I drove the car. My upper intake would get warm only after I turned off the car. :shrug:
  13. Same here.

    I am also running an electric fan.
  14. Hakan is the man when it comes to friendly help. :)

    He helped me in different steps through my conversion.

    Thanks again