Roush Anyone have pics of Tim S old 96 Saleen Cobra Speedster?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by svt5150, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Probably one of my favorite Saleens. Wish he was still doin the PF Racing pieces on the side but I have found quite a few parts over the years. I have a couple pics but Im sure there are some SO CAL guys that have many from teh Saleen and Knotts shows. Anyone know where the car is now?
  2. I rode in his car back in 2000 when I picked up 94-11 from the owner in So CA. I was not a big fan of the wood interior trim (not my taste) but the fit and finish was top notch. Tim took great pride in building that car and did it all first class.

    I really liked all of the carbon fiber interior trim, cf cowl, cf lightbar, cf everything else though. Really outside the box and cool at the time (still cool now IMO)

    The last time I saw the car was on Ebay where it sold for around $25k in (I think) 2003.

    It was 96-0409.
  3. Man, no one else? Thought for sure I'd see some pics! lol....

    Thanks for the info FASN8N
  4. I have plenty of pics of Tim's car. I guess the question is, which iteration of Tim's car do you want pics of?

    Bart, Tim's car was 408 not 409.

    SVT5150 Where in NorCal are you located?
  5. I could have sworn it was 409 b/c I remember seeing the lisc plate my409?

    I dont think my408 would make sense?
  6. LOL....Did you think Tim made any sense half the time!?!?!
  7. Im in Sacramento. Any pics you have would be great. If its easier you could email me. [email protected] Thanks.
  8. If I can get some photos from Tim, I will post them here. I think everyone would like to see pictures of a Saleen Cobra Speedster :)
  9. heh, don't count me as part of everyone, I've had enough of looking at Saleen Cobra Speedsters.............................:rolleyes:
  10. Here are some more

  11. Man you guys rock! Than you so much. I have always loved this car. I think because it was so custom back in the day with alot of attention to detail and quality parts.

  12. Hey Bart

    That last one (the one above) is a picture of 98-093, not 96-408.
  13. lol... I was going to say the same thing but I'm not complaining! Thanks again.
  14. Ok guys I where the heck do I get those front splitters?? Template, anything?? Anyone know?
  15. They were PF racing ones. $500 for the Cf ones and $250 for the fiberglass. I 'think' one of the guys on here said he can get a couple more made a while back when someone asked. Maybe he'll chime in. They look pretty good on the 99-04's too.
  16. I know thats why I want them lol. I don't even care if they are fiberglass or CF I would prefer CF but whatever works I'll take. Hopefully he will chime in.. I'm ready to buy

  17. Kevin,

    Ooops, your car is still bada$$ and I love the CF lightbar :D
  18. The shot of the front bumper that shows the reflection of the photographer makes it look like a chrome bumper because it's so shiny. Very nice.
  19. Please help!

    I bought a set of these front Splitters and no shop knows how to install them. Can someone please do me a big favor and take a picture from below. I want to see where you screwed it and how many screws u used. It is for my 96 Saleen.

    Mine also came with the Chrome adjustable bars... I see no one has the bars on.