Anyone have shorty's??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 02GT03SVT, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Did anyone get shorty headers for their 2 or 4 valve? If so, which kind did you get?
  2. ive heard that they are really useless, nothing to gain over stock, better off getting LTs
  3. Get longtubes or don't get them at all. Aftermarket shortie's aren't much better than stock at all.
  4. JBA is the only really good shorty header. You will have countless people that will tell you that shorty headers are worthless. This may be the case on a N/A application, as they will only produce about 5 rwhp. For $500.00 that's not exactly great gains. However on a blown application they will be just fine. I got stainless JBAs that are very nice.
    Again, prepare to hear the negative comments about shorties.
  5. the guy asked about shorty headers...not L/Ts

    IMO there all pretty much the same. im gonna pick a set of JBAs just to keep the cost down. i decided against LTs because i live in ny and i would be smacking the graound a lot and dont want to ruin my headers.
  6. i have shorties
    ford shorties

    not a single complaint
    small dyno proven gain...nothing huge
  7. Thanks for the replies. You got equal length shorties and didn't pick up much of a gain? I'm not planning on getting them for my GT, but a friend of mine wants them on his 03 Mach. What kinds of gains did you people pick up with your LT's?
  8. I've got JBA shorties, I did them at the same time as my headswap. No real complaints, but the welding on them did look a bit cheap.
  9. I got jba....have a small leak on the left now...should have put on stage 8 bolts at the time...pita to put on unless the engine is out...
  10. im going for the jba also. if you have to go shortie like me, i hear they produce the best gains. also read a post stating that jba's were almost comprable to long tubes with a BLOWER
  11. I had frpp shorties a couple of years ago and got an o/r x at the same time..didn't get a dyno so don't have any info for you on whether they did anything or not..sorry.
  12. Who said anything about equal length? I don't think they make an equal length shorty for the 4.6

    I'm looking at the BBK new shorties. They're cheaper than the JBA and are also apparently 50 state legal according to my latest summit.
    The FRPP shorties look to be the most simplistic design of the JBA/BBK/FRPP shorties.
  13. I got mine for $85, so I think if you can find them used (and you can, believe me) then they are totally worth it. Everybody is jumping on the LT train these days, which is fine, because they make more power. But they are also more expensive, harder to install, and emissions illegal. So, try to scout out some shorties that have been used,treated well and selling for cheap. You won't be sorry.

  14. The FRPP shorties appear to be emissions illegal as well (in California anyway).

  15. I've got the JBAs - waiting for a free day to install them. They look nice, welds look good. They are 50 state legal by the way.
  16. if i don't get a cobra this week, JBA's are still in the works for me. JBA is also coming out with mid length headers for the 2v soon, obviously not for us Cali guys but for the rest of you, they might be something to keep in mind. :)
  17. :lol:

    I love my JBAs!!!