Anyone Have This?

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  1. Save your money and get the Florida 5.0 cluster it's worth it they make a good product and I love mine
  2. i was dead set on the florida 5.0..seen them and they do look killer,its cheaper also....havnt seen this one in a car yet but i like the fact the original lens can be used...and the hidden lights are cool too....little more on the factory side...
  3. image.jpg Here's mine it looks pretty factory
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  4. that does look good,i wouldnt complain at all it i had that in my car,had that pictured in my head all winter...just saw the other one here and it got me thinking again....
  5. Ok now I have seen this I can say this Florida 5.0 wires all their gauges together and has all the connections you need labeled on the back and also they give you detailed instructions on what wires to tap into on the factory harness. Just something to think about it's also pictured on the Florida 5.0 what each wire on the factory harness does this install took me longer to actually screw the cluster down to the car then actually wire it.
  6. I don't have it, but I would take the New Vintage over the Florida 5.0 any day of the week.

    I know I will get flack for this, but I have never been a fan of Florida 5.0 clusters. they look too generic for my taste. Especially the warning lights.

    You can also check out Dakota Digital. They have a really nice cluster just like the New Vintage.

    If you like the MC Machine look, but want it prewired to bolt right in, check out JME Enterprises.
  7. ya i hear all the thinking is done for issues at all hey?...gauges your happy with too?
  8. I'm extremely happy with my gauges
  9. the warning lights is what i least like about them,but i still would put it in my car...

    the vintage i do like better but the price? they make you pay....there nice looking though thats for sure...
  10. Make your own plate.
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  11. Been there, done that. Cost me less than $100 not including the gauges. And its something that i won't be seeing in another mustang anytime soon.


  12. How long that take you to wire though?
  13. Who cares, you will be saving a lot of $$ and be able to take pride in making it. I just used a thin piece of sheetmetal cut out the holes and painted it black. It looks just like kumm3's minus the CF bling.
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  14. The wiring took maybe an hour one night to wire the gauges and weather packs, and maybe 15 minutes another day to make the connections to the car harness.
  15. It's actually a CF vinyl overlay. Shhhhhh
  16. thought crossed my mind to do it myself....looks good man.....thats in the original speed cluster case right ?....
  17. Yes it is, just didn't use the plastic lens. Its actually not that hard to do, just takes some thought and careful measurement.
  18. good work man looks awsome.....i priced out all the gauges i would need and it would be at least $700-800..?..for decent ones anyway.....not sure which ones the florida 5.0 ones come with but seems like a good deal to me.?...even the ones that i posted seems like a good deal now for a couple hundred more....