Anyone Have This?

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  1. Florid 5.0 come pro comp sport comp ultra lite and one other style but you can ask to have any style will just cost more money
  2. hey do you have tilt air air bag?....seen one with fitment issue with the air bag style....thanks man
  3. I swapped my 91 column for an 89 and replaced the wheel
  4. im looking in the wrecking yards with no luck as of more thing bud what did you get mechanical,electric?.....and guess i need to buy adaptors and stuff to make it work?....thanks again...
  5. Electric gauges and they give you everything you should need new sending units and all
  6. awsome...thanks man...wich ever i choose ill post pics...
  7. finally came!
  8. I just really haven't found an aftermarket cluster that looks "period correct" in these cars. I see gauges like the ones posted in this thread and think...."those belong in an old Hot Rod, not a Fox body?". To each their own though, but I'm just content switching out to a set of nice LED back lights to modernize the original era look of the stock cluster. :shrug:
  9. What about the Speed Hut gauges on a stock cluster? Lots of customization available.
  10. build your own, with that money u could get alot more useful thing for the stang.
  11. Two major issues for me in that regards.

    1. Not a fan of white faced gauges in Fox bodies. The seem to look fine in the SN95 cars, but never really did it for me with the Fox's

    2. Although they advertise it, they don't seem to carry metric gauge sets for buyers outside the US.
  12. @Gearbanger 101
    1.) You can get any color face that they sell, quite a bit to choose from. I don't care for white faces either.

    2.) They have metric for the fuel pressure, I'd like to think they have it for either side of the fence. Fuel pressure gauge is the most recent gauge I've looked at through them.

    All gauges have a lifetime warranty, I guess as long as they're in business haha.
  13. i hear u guys,just wanted some accurate gauges,and this is what i ended up with,rather have this than a tach drilled in my dash,seen them in person and they do look decent enough...

    i added up the cost too make my own and its not that much cheaper...this is all wired and ready to plug in...and i still bought all the useful things for my ride
  14. Sweet dude did you get the sport comp pro comp setup?
  15. there just the sport comp....i was thinking the gt series but they wernt available yet....but im happy with what i got....doing a tone of work to my car this weekend,maybe ill get these installed also if everything goes well...!
  16. Yeah hopefully you don't have to clearance the bezel around the cluster like I did
  17. i wouldnt doubt see...
  18. Where are you located? I have a 89 column from a GT vert in Az. Let me know if you are still looking for one.
  19. thanks bud,im from bc,by the time i pay for shipping,duties and pay you,im better off trying to find one locally,thanks though!...cant believe i havnt found one yet,used to be everywhere!