Anyone heard of Fastlane?

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  1. Good Afternoon:

    So I was looking at some Texas Mile footage from this past weekend and came across this video:

    Anyone heard of Fastlane? I looked them up and they're in Houston. Since I'm in Houston often, I thought I would check them out but I wanted to see what others thought. Seems like they'd be cheaper than Hennessey!
  2. News to me, but Winters98GT and d98gt are big Texas Mile guys. They've probably got the scoop.
  3. I appreciate the tag Gearbanger 101 :nice:

    As far as the other thread with Fastlane; that is a different shop.
    The Fastlane in Houston is a basic shop that does some mustang work as well as other vehicles. They do some tuning and installation but I really never hear much from them compared to the other shops. That's likely just a customer car that they helped put together in the video.
  4. Thanks, Bryan.

    I don't know of anybody personally with a car built or tuned by them, so I can't comment on them. I do know John Hennessey personally, and I can tell you that you're going to want to use another shop unless you plan on doing a 50-75k build. They don't mess around with us small fish. I'm not sure if PSI is still doing work, but they are decent if you can ever get a hold of them. I've used just about everybody in Houston, and I feel my tuner is the best around and fair on pricing. G-Force motorsports. They have done quite a few big Shelby builds.
  5. PSI is still working out in the Kemah/Webster area and G-Force has put out a few nice rides.