Anyone Heard Of Plasti Dip???

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  1. lol...

    I did my Brembo wheels today... Hotness I think....


  2. Yep.....over done on several sites. As long as you like it is all that counts.
  3. I like it! Especially with the red.
  4. Looks good, yeah I heard about it....Let's see how long it lasts until you need to touch it up now
  5. The title was a joke. Most people have heard of it. Just my way of being a smart ass. ;)

    When I did it last week, I put it on too thin, because inside the spokes starting coming right off when I wiped them down... you could still see a faint amount of silver through the black.

    I only used two cans on all 4 wheels the first time... I had two wheels that I had to peel complete off and restart. I ended up putting 1 full can on each wheel. It's much thicker now... had a rough texture... I sorta like it... Obviously not permanent... Gunna have the stock wheels powder coated black eventually.
  6. I did this on my challenger, I liked it too... I wandered though if this could cause a ballence issue... I used 1 can per wheel also..
  7. I haven't driven it since I did the second go around... So I dunno about the imbalance or not... If you put it on even I wouldn't think it could make it that far out.
  8. Thinking about maybe doing stripes or a bra on the front with his stuff... Anyone else try that?
  9. Unsure how moisture could condense "inside" since it is really just a rubberized paint that adheres directly to the paint on the car. Of course you'd have to have the paint on the car totally dry before applying this stuff..

    I'm probably going to give it a try this spring..
  10. I'm not a fan of the bra. The idea is to preserve the paint on the front of the car, but it's always covered up under this nasty black thing. Defeats the purpose.
  11. Here's an updated pic....

  12. Looking awesome!
  13. Generally not a fan of black wheels but that might convert me. Looks great