Anyone heard of the "6.2 Hurricane" V8?

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  1. My friend was telling me there was a blirp about this rumored motor in the August '04 C&D mag in a article about the new F-150s and Superdutys. I guess it said this motor is under development and it should "Blow the Dodge Hemi and Nissan Endurance V8s into the weeds". It also says that the motor is about a year away from it's debute.

    Sounds REAL interesting! Maybe this motor could end up in the Mustang????

  2. Yup, old news, we had a thread in here about the 6.2L over a month ago

    Seems like this 6.2L V8 will have a lot of overlap with the new 355HP/450tq 3v 6.8L V10 in the Ford trucks. The V10 is only a $600 option over the 5.4L in the F-250, I don't see where this new V8 will fit in? It would make a good Navigator engine I guess.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I did a search for 6.2 and hurricane and it came up with nothing???

  4. Mustang engineers have done a great job in weight distribution on the new Mustang, and I don't see them putting this engine in the car at all. For years the Mustang has been nose heavy with the accompanying understeer in corners. I don't think they'll want to sacrifice that for the sake of a relatively miniscule gain in horsepower.
  5. The 6.2L V10 will most likely replace the 6.8L. HP & TQ #'s will be similar, the engine will be lighter in weight, cost less to manufacture and get better gas mileage than the V10.
  6. The reason why the 1979 - 2004 Mustangs have such poor F/R weight balance is due to their stupidly short wheelbase (done to save money). The longer wheelbase on the 2005 is the primary reason why it has better F/R weight balance.

    The 6.2L V8 reportedly uses the same stroke as the 5.4L but has a larger bore. If this is true what Ford needs to do is make a low deck version of the 6.2L that has the same stroke as the 4.6L. This would give an engine with 5.3L displacement that would be only a few lb heavier than the 4.6. Because of its larger bore and shorter stroke a performance version of such a 5.3L V8 would simply blow the 5.4L long stroke engine away.
  7. Well, it HAS to be a bore increase and not stroke. The 5.4 already has a stroke of over 4", yet the same 3.5" bore as the 4.6. :puke: Crappiest cylinder design ever. :notnice:
  8. Rumors are that the Huricane uses a 96.6mm bore with the same stroke at the 5.4.

    The reason why the 5.4 has such a long stroke is that is was designed to be made off much of the same tooling and share as many parts as possible with the 4.6. The driving force was all to save $$.

    The first mistake was designing the 4.6 with such small bore spacing 100mm in the first place. This left the 4.6 with NO room for displacement increase. The small bore spacing was chosen so it could fit sideways in FWD cars like the last Continental. It's amazing how one bad decision can haunt a company for decades.
  9. The 6.2L would probably be used mostly in the F150's to battle the hemi's and the rest of the competition and it could be possible for the 6.8 to be replaced by the 6.2. It would probably have similar hp if not more and better gas mileage. Just my $0.02 worth.