Anyone here with a Dell Axim X3 PDA?

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  1. If there is anyone here with the mentioned PDA, I was wondering if I could at all trouble you for some help. I had this PDA for a few years up until about a month ago and I think it was stolen. I still have a current backup on my computer of what info was on it. My father has an Axim X5 that he wasn't using, so he lent it to me. Well after trying to restore the backup files from the old X3 to the X5, I found out that it will not accept the old backup file because it was created using a different device. What I was wondering is if anyone has an X3 on here, could I email you my backup file and have you extract the info from it to a file and email the docs back to me? (the main reason I need to do this is because I was a dummy and didn't sync "files" in my sync options) I can walk you through it and it shouldn't take long. Can anyone help?
  2. i will get back to you tommorow, have to check my pda at work..
  3. That sux.
    I have an Axim X5...have you checked the Dell Axim site for help?
    Good luck.
  4. yeah I checked with their tech, but they said that I'm basically screwed since I don't have the X3 anymore and the backup file isn't the same. So thats why I'm hoping if someone can upload mine into theirs temporarily, email me my docs, and then put theirs back to normal.
  5. Have you tried going to the forums in ? They usually have very knowledgable people there.

    I'd help you if I could, but I got rid of my X3 for a X51v.
  6. I went to that forum and they helped me out. Thanks!