anyone in Louisiana ?

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  1. anyone here live in Louisiana and if so where?
  2. I'm in Walker...Just passed your neck of the woods today 1/11/04. My daughter lives in Church Point and I went to drop her off.
  3. Shreveport/Bossier.
    Stationed at Barksdale AFB. There are a few really sweet Mustangs running around here. :nice:
  4. Man, I did this awhile back and didn't find anyone.....

    My ex lives in Bogalusa, so I used to be in the Covington area alot....

  5. I know a couple of guys from SN that are in the New Orleans area...kboy262, Kraw and kurst. Another guy from Alexandria (Effie) is on here but I've forgotten his name :bang: . ANyway there are a few but I don't think they hit this forum too often.
  6. yeaux... baton rouge, new orleans, covington... I'm usually in one of those cities.
  7. Newbie here! I'm about 40 miles north of New Orleans in Slidell
  8. I live in Ponchatoula, but am in Slidell every other day for work.
  9. I drive I-55 through Ponchatoula 5 days a week. Do you frequent Hammond much? I stop for gas there sometimes.
  10. baton rouge twice a month
  11. I spent some time at Barksdale. I worked in the 2CS crypto shop back in the early 90's.
  12. Just moved from Barksdale down to Eglin. Worked in the 49th.
  13. Just moved to FT. Polk. Where are the local 1/4 tracks in this area?
  14. I'm not sure up your way but there is State Capital about 30 minutes west of Baton Rouge and No Problem Raceway in Donaldsonville. Both are 2-3 hours form you though. I think there is a track near Alexandria but I don't know exactly where.
  15. I'm about 45-60 minutes south of Alexandria. Is it 1/4 or 1/8th?
  16.'s in Eunice not Alex. Louisiana Raceway in Eunice. 1/4 mile track.
  17. live in baton rouge
  18. What part...I'm in Walker.
  19. Damn, I retract my prior statement :lol:

  20. Angie,LA near Bogalusa.