anyone in Louisiana ?

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  1. I'm in Gonzales, met ramprat a few times. If anyone sees a low mileage 99-04 GT or bullitt 5spd for sale that isnt red, let me know!
  2. looking for a car

    if any one here would know were i can get a 87-90 lx 2.3 cheap with a good title let me know it does not even need to have a motor or trany. my sis just totaled her 88 the other day so we are looking for a good car that we can put her motor and trany into or one that is running. also if at all possible the car needs to be auto.
  3. There is one right by my house but I'm not sure of the year. I've never really looked at it closely. It is on Walker north across from Levi Milton Elem. I don't know if it is for sale but it has been sitting there for a while.
  4. is it a redish coupe ive stopped to look at that one a long time ago they wanted alot for it i might ride out there to look i might be thinking of anouther one at least its not to far from my house ill go check it out. thanx for the help if you run accross anymore let me know
  5. If its near coramprat, get it quick.. cars sell real quick there, lol
  6. Hey Salty

    What's up with the barely modified site? I get a password request for parking services mannagment and can't get in.
  7. Yep...that's the color of it. Also at the corner or Cane Market and 447 there are three or 4 Stangs sitting in someones yard. They are across Cane Market from that car wash. I don't know what condition they are in but you might check them out too.
  8. Hey all--

    Drove by a black fox bodied 5.0 LX in Hammond today for sale--on Old Baton Rouge Highway headed towards Albany. If anyone is interested, I'll get the number for you. The car looks used, but not too bad. I saw it on my way back from church today--don't know much about it other than that.
  9. yea i stopped and looked at those the other day and the guy wants 500$ for all 3. 2 are verts and one hatch and you cant take just one you got to get all 3 the motor out of the black vert is a H.O 5.0 the verts from what i was told are to messed up to be fixed. we are still looking so thanxs for the info.
  10. I saw one in Denham Springs...well actually two. One is black and is on Range avenue. The other is at a used dealer on Florida near the old All Star Ford. I'll stop by both and see what is on them.
  11. Oh...and I heard a rumor the Fun Ford Weekend is supposed to be at No Problem Raceway in April. If so I'll be there fer sher.

    From the FFW website

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Fun Ford Weekend is excited to offer two new events with our 15th Anniversary Season in 2005. The first is the 1st Annual Cajun FFW Nationals, April 1, 2 & 3, at No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, LA.:nice: The second new event will be the 1st Annual Heartland FFW Nationals, Heartland Park Raceway, Topeka, KS. Both of these are excellent NHRA facilities.

    Fun Ford Weekend is the only sportsman racing series that offers our participants, spectators, and sponsors true coast-to-coast exposure and 2005 looks like it will be bigger and better than ever. Exactly what you would expect from the Major League of Ford Racing.
  12. Co--Ok, I'm a dork, but is the FFW only racing?

  13. They have shows too. Check the website for info...
  14. i looked at the stang in frount of the flea market on range its a 89 gt rebuilt motor and trany with 15k and 4.10 in the rear on them saleen fin and a 3 inch crowl i think they want $5200 for it. just though i would tell yall.
  15. OK guys...

    No Problem Raceway Nov 24th for T and T. You don't have to run but let's try to get some people together to hang out. Will be my first time so come watch the newbie blow something up...
  16. I am going to try and make it out there.
  17. I'm still in for the 24th at NPR too. I have a friend bringing his truck and tow strap in case my tranny blows.


    P.S. Looking to buy an intake spacer for Performer RPM EFI.
  18. I will be there on the 24th also. Trying to get some other people to go also. A guy I work with has a Lightning and I am trying to talk them into going See you there!
  19. I'm still on...Think it may be busy Thursday? Might be alot of people with the same idea as us.
  20. If I can manage to get my carb float adjusted so the thing doesnt die out at idle, Il be there.