anyone in Louisiana ?

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  1. I'm Active Duty Air Force stationed at Fort Polk, originally from Abbeville (12miles south of Lafayette) and my wife is from Baton Rouge, got family in Mandeville, Covington, friend in Metarie, and Lafayette so you can damn near catch me anywhere in the state, haha. Hey guys, ya'll have a Happy Turkey Day!
  2. Hey if you guys know of anyone looking for a mustang, mines for sale for 7k firm or a good trade. For more info head on over to and click the for sale link
  3. Hey...if anyone want to go to the TnT at No Problem on Weds. let me know and I will meet up with you. Always nice to have someone to talk to while waiting in line...
  4. I'd like to go to test and tune, if you can shoot me a pm. It's not that often I'm in BR on Wednesday nights though. Possibly around the Christmas holidays, but I hear the track closes soon and reopens in Jan, any insight?
  5. If I go next week or the following I'll definatly let you know. As far as the schedule I can't find anything on the website saying they will be shutting down. They have events listed at least thru Dec 12th which how they usually list events up to 2 weeks in advance. I guess I'll keep an eye on the site to see if they mention closing.
  6. Damn salty you mispelled your own site... :rlaugh:
  7. Your site now too, Your a admin. msg me on aim or email me bostondan at gmail dot com and I will setup the FTP so you can change the way the place looks.
  8. Jan 5th 2005, No Problem Raceway TnT. If you can make it post it here.

    PS...Salty...what happened to barely modified site?
  9. Kraw and I will be making it. I just hope it does not rain.
  10. If the weather looks good I may head out there too.
  11. BarelyModified Died, got eaten by some webworm =(
  12. So I guess I can take it out of my sig... :(