Anyone in MD

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  1. I'm in Frederick for a few years out of the month (Western maryland)
  2. ...and when are you going to be aound?
  3. hey brother, 93GreenLX, i never seen your stang around... mine is in the shop right now, rebuilding the motor to take the 10-14lb s/c... how old are you man?
  4. btw i live close to solomons island, if anybody is up for a beer at TIKI BAR let me know... :D
  5. 21 here
  6. Almost 20 here!!! I wont be around the next two weekends, but my usual place is Rockville or the Arby's in Upper Marlboro.

    Im usually on AIM during the day so if there is anything going on, Hit me up!!!

    My AIM is: Hersilverstang

    :rolleyes: :p
  7. Sorry, I meant months out of the year - and I will be there for X-Mas and possibly next summer.
  8. so.. nobody up for a beer on the island?
  9. Where is Lusby?
  10. where in lusby do i live? the ranch club...
  11. I think you meant the Ranch Club, I used to live in Drum Point. I just move to the Glen Burnie area 2 months ago. The Tiki Bar would be nice if it wasnt so small.
  12. yeah Ranch lub.. sorry my spelling.... Drum point 15 mins from here... i live of RAWHIDE i think hha
  13. im in the essex (baltimore) area but am usually down in glen burnie or pasadena or annapolis. meet/cruise anyone? :D
  14. Yea, I am up here in Mt. Airy about 15 mi east of frederick
  15. I like going to Jimmy Cone in Mt Airy!
  17. midatlantic needs like a chat room or something, this forum is :sleep:
  18. Gotta work sorry.
  19. Well i came in this a little late, but i just accepted a job offered in Baltimore, MD and will be moving there the 11th of July. Although personally i like to go up to PA for cruises :)