Anyone interested in 1:18 cars has to see this. This thing is unreal...

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  1. This guy is a true artisan. The detail is incredible..

    DISCLAIMER : The included link has information and photographs of a conveyance commonly referred to as "Eleanor". This vehicle has been known to cause emotional reactions in some persons ranging from love to hatred. Elevated blood pressure is a common occurrance. By clicking the link, you are acknowledging that you are aware of these facts and do so at your own risk. The Hopkinator, Hoppy , Hopper, Hoppenstein or any other subsidiary of Hop Inc. are not liable for any reactions, adverse or otherwise as a result of clicking on said link. 2004 . Hop Inc. All rights Reserved. :flag:
  2. Things They have made from Matchbox Cars. :drool: :hail2:
  3. Thats cool not 100 bucks cool given. For that much you can get the really nice models that are numbered (meaning there possibly likely to actually be worth more later), and have real carpet and running gear. Still nice and if he gets 100 bucks for it might hack up my 12.99 model and do that haha.
  4. Elenor would be a better looking car if it wasn;t for that hood bulge, why not have a scoop or something that looks better, ARGH

  5. Ohhhh, man; don't go there. Somebody's gona tell you exactly why that "power bump" is necessary and perfect for the car. Your opinion will be slammed all over the place while your intelligence is questioned. Eleanor has a very rabid group of followers and they get ferocious when you poke at their icon.

    Still Dreamin'
  6. YeH !! You ShaLL be SmiTeThED For THinE INSulTS !!! Some of the Eleanor crowd can get kinda nasty :D As probably the foremost flag-waver of her beautifulness , it doesnt bother me at all to hear a personal opinion about something someone doesnt like on her. I only get computer-violent when I feel it goes farther than that . Hey man, I love everyone !!!
  7. You better not be bidding againt's me hopkinator. LOL

    I really wanted to buy it when I first saw it but now wow to rich for my blood.