anyone interested in a new watts link and a 3 or 4 link in here

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  1. hey everyone i've just learned that Evolution Motorsports is working on a new modular style rear suspension setup for vintage cars. they are going to start out with a watts link for the early mustangs and then they are planning either a 3 or 4 link and some other stuff will be coming after that.

    right now they are looking for feedback on what kind of stuff us vintage guys are looking for to judge the market and develop the right products for our cars.

    currently there is a thread going over at corner carvers forum and Mike from EVM asked me to post this here as an FYI for anyone interested. they really are just guaging interest right now but are very serious about getting something going. they are currently taking orders for the early mustang watts link.

    here is a link to the CC thread

    and a link to their website

    just so you guys no i am in now way affiliated with these guys, i just think they
  2. I sure hope they make it, I didn't get to read the whole thread yet, but i think this will be great for our cars. I mean besides tcp, griggs, and the Air ride 4link, what do we got back there.
  3. Mike from EVM posted in the thread earlier that they have been getting a ton of requests for front suspension as well, and he said they definitely have it in the plans now as well. so that will be awesome too.

  4. they are currently taking pre-orders for the watts link, which should be available in the next few weeks
  5. i'd be very interested in a 3 link setup, but by the time they have one out i'll probably have fabbed up one of my own...
  6. i think the 3-link (or 4 link) will be avaiable within the next few months, they are apparently trying for around the 1st of the year
  7. I hate cliff hangers :D
  8. haha, i guess the last part didn't make it.

    it should say: i think they have some very nice products and they really seem to be interested making some good products for us vintage guys
  9. bnickel, after checking out those links, I think you would probably get a better response if you posted a link regarding the advantages/disadvantages of each of these different types of rear suspension set-ups. I, for one, would like to know. :D I have read a great deal on this subject, such as the advantages of a Watts link vs. Panhard bar, 3 link vs. 4 link, etc., but I must admit it's still not really clear to me which one would be my best bet. If you have such a link and/or can explain it, that would be great.
  10. well a lot of these are pretty much personal preference. for instance the difference beween a panhard rod and watts link, both control lateral movement of the rear axle. a panhard rod is simpler and generally less expensive but it's also generally less adjustable and has a tendency to put the rear suspension in a bit of a bind. a watts link is more adjustable, doesn't introduce any bind to the rear suspension but it has more moving parts, is more complicated to set up and tune can be a lot more expensive. personally i prefer a watts link over a panhard rod.

    as far as the whole theory, physics and science of the rear suspension using a 3-link vs 4-link i really don't have all that info, that's why i posted a link to the thread over at those guys can spout this stuff out in their sleep and go way over my head on a regular basis. Mike from Evolution Motorsports can better help you out with all that info and which system would be better for your car and why.

    one thing i can tell you is that a lot of roadracers are going to a 3 link style setup in the rear and seem to be getting much better lap times because of it. the way i look at it as a properly setup 3 link is the way to go for if you want your car to handle really well and if you prefer drag racing over road racing then a 4 link is most definitely a better system for the dragstrip
  11. I'll be watching this one. Signed up for it.
  12. Where are they located in MI?
  13. We are in MI and PA. Development is done in MI.


  14. I got the MI part. I was wondering what city specificly?:D
  15. Highland, MI..
  16. bnickle, I am very interested, I'd post that on CC had I not been booted for reasons I do not know. crapola crapola

    Do you recall my post a month or so ago on CC for my ideas for a watts/three link?

    Evolution's design for Fox bodies was my main inspiration.

    I'm very excited to see what the inovative people at Evolution Motorsports will come up with.
  17. yes i do remember. i too can't wait to see what they end up with

  18. What are your personal experiences with pan hard bar, and Watts link set up rear ends? Which type(s) have you used. What cars?, etc.
    Any lap time comparisons?
    Autocross or opentrack? And how does it drive on the street?

    It would be nice to hear what you've run, how you like your car to handle, and how you've adjusted either type to suit you driving style.