Anyone interested in an HID group purchase?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by san~man, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Talked to Chuck and he said I can post this:

    The kit is the HID kit from Stangmods..

    I've only heard good things about them, and here's the deal Matt will give us if enough people are interested:

    1-9 kits ordered: $275.00 per kit shipped
    10+ kits ordered: $250.00 per kit shipped

    Let me know who is interested and I'll set up the exact start time and stop time for the group purchase with Matt. If you're interested, post your name here.

    Thanks all.
  2. I might be interested, are these street legal btw? Sorry I don't know much about HIDs other then they light up the road a lot better. Whats the difference between the 6000k and 8000k? Are they any brighter then each other or is it just the color?
  3. Do they have anything closer to 4300k?
  4. if they were $250, i would be in depending on how soon this would happen.
  5. I too am interested...but was wondering if you can buy the HID kit and put it into the projector headlight housing...being that they sell projector headlights w/ the HID kit
  6. same question....6000k is too blue for my taste...4300k and i'm in.
  7. I'd be interesting in doing a group purchase!!!! HID's have been on my To do list for a long while.
  8. i bought my H.I.D's on ebay for 200.00 shipped and it was REAL QUALITY stuff, im happy with it.
  9. Just the "intensity" of the blue. The 8k is much more blue than the 6k.
  10. I'm sure you can. I believe that it just takes a different model number.

    Can you post a model number or pic of your headlight?
  11. I believe he does. I'll check with Matt.

  12. Nope, not even close.
  13. Yes you can, however the projectors take different bulb numbers. The factory headlight is a 9007 while the projectors use a H4 or H7 bulb. You'll have to check and see.

    Also be warned these projector headlights are designed for halogen bulbs, so while the HID bulbs will produce less glare than if left in the factory housing, they will not be the same as a proper HID reflector.

    If you really want to do HID's the "right" way (although still not legal) you need to retrofit HID projectors that are high-beam capable into your stock housings. Good site for infor

    Here's my HID kit installed. 8000K kit in the drivers light, Silverstar bulb in the pass light

    I put HID's into my factory headlights, but the glare was just too great that i ended up taking them out. Now i'm going to use the kit along with a pair of BMW E36 bi-xenon projectors and retrofitting them into my Fox

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  14. A guy, meanbean, on hidplanet charges $155 to custom make a bezel and shroud to fit your projectors in to your headlamp housing.
  15. Have you seen one for our car?

    Pics? Link?
  16. Ya, his pic links are broken. Damn.

    I emailed him about his services.
  17. interested in group buy for the 6000k HID
  18. So, 3 interested so far....
  19. I'm interested if he has something closer to 4300K.
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