Anyone interested in an HID group purchase?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by san~man, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. I'm talking about a retro-fit, but also factoring in that a project such as this wouldn't be completed in one day. So, in essence, I was figuring:

    1. Pair of OEM headlight $150-180.00 or so.
    2. Set of TSX projectors, ballasts, and bulbs $350-400
    3. Small can of kitty hair $10.00
    4. JB weld $5.00

    Sound about right?
  2. I thought you were talking about $500 in addition to the HIDs, and headlights. Whew, got me scared for a second.
  3. :nono:

  4. 08/22, status still shows pending, no ship confirmation... :(
  5. because of this group purchase....ill prolly never do another one again, no matter how great the price. does this guy at stangmods not have this stuff in stcok? if not he or his website should say so. this is effin horrible. i understand people backed out and the group purchase was extended BUT my CC was charged on last months statement over like a month ago. thats just horrible cust service IMO!
  6. I'm not defending anyone, but it was made known that we needed to pay first then he'd place the order with his manufacturer. Because of the fact that we ordered different temperature bulbs amongst the group, he probably had to order what we needed.

    I'll email him again and see what's up.

  7. Yup, that was known before hand. But tommorow is thursday, and no shipping yet. He said to san that he'd be shipping these LAST FRIDAY. I was at least expecting these by this wekeend, especially if they came in last friday, as he said they did. If they dont ship this week... Well, then i'll start complaining... But I am getting irritated.

    San~Man, thanks for being the liason! :nice:
  8. yep, that was made clear before we placed our orders.

    I don't really mind, but the wait is getting rediculous.
  9. agreed. this is getting comical. :D
  10. Funny queer not funny haha. :D
  11. ,ust gave overlooked that part...sorry. if i would have paid attention i wouldnt have joined the purchase. i consider a bad practice to charge someone for an item before its shipping. done ranting....ill wait patiently from here on unless some other monkey wrench is thrown into this whole shin dig.
  12. Well, look at it this way.....the same light set costs $320.00 from MT, shipped. Considering we paid $275.00 shipped, I think the extra time I waited was worth the $55.00. JMO.

    Not like any of us didn't have headlights to begin with :D
  13. Here's the latest from Matt:

    "Yup, I got an email from them today. The shipment is still in transit. Overseas shipments can sometimes take FOREVER because they get hung up in customs. The order is expected to be in within 3-4 business days. After that, I will get them out. At the latest, they will go out within 4 business days. Let everyone know that I appreciate their patience and I will send a discount coupon code for each member to use on any future purchase. Thanks Sanford!


    Everyone sit tight, it's on its way.
  14. THey're coming from overseas??! haha, well, there ya go, that crap takes forever.
  15. yeh i can see how overseas would take so lon. i understanda little better now. additional coupond code?
  16. It better be a damn good coupon code too... Like 50% off or something.
  17. lol. hahaha. yeah right. we'd be fortunate to get 10% off. still, its better than nuttin :shrug:
  18. la la la la la la
    *sticks hands in pockets while swaying front to back, whistling zipity doo-da and waiting patiently.
  19. stop playing with yourself :eek:

    today is business day #5 so hopefully it gets shipped out.
  20. :sleep:

    Ooh Ooh is this group purchase still open?! I want some HID...

    ..... Oh wait, I ordered some right? :D
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