Anyone interested in an HID group purchase?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by san~man, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Installed my HIDs about an hour ago, and the different is literally night and day. The light (4300k) is just like daylight, and makes such a difference.

    I won't exaggerate and say it's 1000000000x better, but it really is 2-3x better than the sylvania I had previously.

    There's minimal hot spots, and I aimed it a tad low, to help reduce the glare until I order projectors. All in all, very good buy.

    Only problem is 1 of my ballasts makes a buzzing noise. Anyone else have that problem?

  2. Can anyone who installed these take some pix of the engine bay and of the lights. I'd love to see them.
  3. I just finished installing mine. Wasn't too bad at all. The only problem is that the harness is really long, so to finding a place for the bundle after you wire tie it up is the hardest part.

    I ended up placing the passenger side ballast next to the hole in the fender where the snorkel would go and the driver side ballast against the battery, facing the driver.

    Very easy install, but pictures with the instructions would have helped a lot.

    Also, the two pins that plug into the driver side bulb socket seemed a bit loose, so I plugged them in and then kept the wire taut and I zip tied them to the wires going into the oem plug. Keeps it tight that way and they surely won't fall out.

    It's still day so I can't aim them yet.
  4. ill post pics tomorrow.

    for the 2 wires that go into the drivers bulb thing, I zip tied it as well.

    I put 1 ballast between my fuse box and batter, using a ziptie to secure it, then the other went right by the intake using another ziptie and 2x tape to hold it.

    the wiring harness is ziptied to the fan wires, inbetween the shroud and the upper radiator hose.

    who's the guy that had the projectors for sale? PM me :)
  5. Man, fired them up a few minutes ago....****z is BRIGHT.
  6. Yep. What temp did you get?
  7. 6k...slight blue color but I like it.
  8. Maybe I should have got 6k as well. My headlights are so white that my fogs look yellow :lol:.

    I should go the is300 route, and become what I loathe :D
  9. so basically 13 pages of all talking an i've only seen like 1 actual pic of the headlights :nonono:... come on guys!!! get some f---ing pics!

    im wiring mine in today and need some ideas on where to put the ballasts.
  10. I'm out of town for the weekend, but it took me all of 30 minutes to install them friday before i left. I'll take some pix when i get home sunday.
  11. Were you happy with the results?
  12. I got mine but havn't installed them yet..
    So what happend with the 50% off coupon code that he was going to give us,for future purchases ?
  13. I got the code I'll PM everyone, but no one said it was 50%....:rolleyes: Don't get too excited'll see.
  14. Dont PM everyone, just divided between us two! Us Hawaii folk gotta stick together! Malama the aina!
  15. Here's Matt's email to me on the 8th:

    "Hi Sanford,

    I wanted to email you before I left for the day. All group purchase orders have been dropped off at either USPS or FedEx and all tracking numbers have been sent. I believe one member didnt get confirmation so I emailed him back. I want to personally thank everyone for their purchase! I DEEPLY apologize for it taking so long. It was a combination of having too few orders and a mix up with customs. The actual shipment was upheld for 20 days! Anyways, I want to make it up to everyone by offering a special discount on future purchases. Please have everyone use the code: ******* to take *% off any future purchase. Once again, big thanks go out to you for setting it up and being a medium between myself and the board members. I hope not too many of them hate us for the delay. Rest assured, this would never happen on single purchases off our site! Keep in touch and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to call or email me. Enjoy your Stang and be safe out there!

    Matthew A. Bebawy, owner"

    Just for you guys info....
  16. I got mine installed today and love them, Great quality kit.
  17. Well, at least everyone seems to like the kit so far.

    Could be worse....if someone didn't like the kit and actually waited as long as we did :D

  18. would suck if Mike bought the kit since he recently sold his stang.
  19. San, Can i get the code so I can order more stuff from stangmods?
  20. PM sent...check your "box" :D
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