Anyone know how to find a local dyno ??

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  1. Called around, asked people at speedshops, checked yellowpages, etc.... Anyone know ?? Thanks
  2. ask the people on local car boards....... **** I am in missouri and can think of like 4 off hand!
  3. call local speedshops and ask if they do a dyno or know anyone who does. im not talking napa or anything... there should be a chevy shop or at least a ricer shop out there who knows another shop with a dyno...
  4. Shiiit thanks woodster, I found one about 20 minutes from my house, and one about two blocks away from work... And several other locals thanks again !!
  5. I wish you all the same luck that I had.
    The boy the shares the shop with me was telling me what is neon pulled at the wheels. I've heard him say it a bunch but just pasted it off as BS. I asked him last how he was so sure that his pulled this and he told me that his uncle owns a dyno and we can make runs for free. I flipped out a little and we'll be making pulls in no time.
  6. i think we all need to take a road trip to 351w's place!! You know your one my best friends , right??? :nice:
  7. That would be great to show up there with about 30 cars from VA to Ca and have shawn say this is Matt and these are our friends.