Anyone Know Much About Hid Headlights?

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  1. Here is my next dilemma that I am faced with.

    This car has HID headlights installed but are pretty crappy IMO.


    Now the above picture is me standing about 10 feet or so away from the front of my car somewhat centered.

    My drivers side is god awful bright and my passenger side is dim.

    I personally don't care for the blue color these are putting out but would like to get the other side to be bright like the drivers side. I would imagine that in doing so I would actually get a decent coverage on the road in front of me.

    Is it ideal just to take these off and put in regular headlights or is there a issue maybe like a ground issue of some sort?
  2. can't believe that no one has chimed in on this.
  3. Ok, to start off, are you HID's in the standard housing, or are they in Projector Shrouds? If they are not in shrouds, what is happening, is that light is spreading EVERYWHERE. The end result, is your not having your light go in a straight path and your blinding all the drivers in front of you. As long as the ballasts work, and they are the same kelvin, they are fine.

    From what I can see, your running them in just a standard housing. IMO, I would buy a set of HID headlights casing, or retrofit a shroud in your current headlights. I am all about custom work, so my route would be to retrofit and make my own. There are write-ups online on how to do this, but buy some shrouds from

    I just purchased some with defects (cheaper) and I am painting them, along with the housing.

    If you don't want to go through all this work, you could just put OEM headlights back in. If these are 9004, and you do go OEM route, PM me your price if you want to sell and ship :)

  4. I understand the issue of the light going everywhere however the passenger side is much more dim than the drivers and I am pricing out projector lights and how much some good bulbs would be.

    Both lights work so the ballast' seem to be fine.

    My question is could the bulb be defective or is there a possible wiring issue such as ground or not getting enough voltage?

    I think tomorrow im going to swap the bulbs around and see what happens and maybe get my hands on a voltmeter and check the voltage at the ballast.

    Also, I have no idea what these would be worth to someone.
  5. Good idear. Swap them around and see if it's a difference in the bulbs.