Anyone know of CHROME plating Co. in NY/NJ area.....

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  1. Greetings guys,

    Does anyone-Know of a CHROME plating company in the NY/NJ area-that could re-chrome a valve cover?????

    Many Thanks-Anthony :rolleyes:
  2. Nassau Chromium Plating Company

    122 2nd Street
    Mineola, NY 11501
    phone: (516) 746-6666
  3. They just did a plate for me and it came out awesome. They did a mint job on it.
  4. Thanks guys!!!

    Thanks for the help-Fella's,,,,,

    hey Tommy-I am getting my vert roof installed as we speak, from R&R in Plainview, I'll let you know-How it comes out. i pick it up on saturday morning.

    Tommy-How much do you think-they would charge to re-chrome 1 valve cover????

    Thanks-Ant :flag:
  5. There NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

    I called nassau chroming company in mineola, they want a minimum of $125 to even touch my 1 valve cover... are they Batzoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
    i could buy a brand new pair for $159 from blue Oval industries in Virgina..
    What happenend was i went to the swap meet last year, and picked up a stock pair of V/C chrome plated for $40. one was messed up, But i thought it was only oil or grease. turned out to be acid ate the plating away. So now-i am stuck with the driver side V/C thats horrible.
    But to charge a minimum of $125, WTF are they on Babania........ Anyhow, i guess-I'll be buying a new set, I will spend more on a new set-then give them that money to re-chrome my old one, i just cant see it!!!!

    thanks for your help-Guys!
    Anthony :nice:
  6. For the covers Id buy the set from Blue Oval. These companies have things plated in mass #'s thats how they get it done cheap. For a previously plated itme they must first strip the old crap off then go to town. I got a little lesson on how they chrome new stuff meaning not previously plated. Its pretty labor involved lots of polishing goes into it. And you also have the thing that the East Coast doesnt offer that many Chrome Platers anymore so they can tack on any price they want. West coast has em all over.. But got the covers from Blue Oval this way you have 2 brand new shiuny covers under the hood. Check there site I know one price is cheaper not sure if its there ebay ad or there actual site.