Anyone know this engine bay.

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  1. I am looking for details and wondered who's it is. Looking to do something similiar.
    This is the best looking finished engine bay I have seen.
  2. i know whos it is but havent seen him on here in a long time
  3. He polishes stuff... Mansoon or something like that??? he's a Fox guy I believe.
  4. Dont think its Masonozz, might be SonicCherry
  5. nope, soniccherry is supercharged. Might be dman302? What are you trying to accomplish?
  6. if youre lpoking for polishing info, check out soniccherry's site or caswell plating
  7. Lol its not ozz's bay., anf FYI soniccherry is dave's (masonozz) car two of the same.
  8. nope, one is Paul, one is Dave. Two poeple, two cars. Theyre both on All Ford Mustangs forumns
  9. never heard of the other soniccherry as daves used that name for his car since the begging of time lol

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  10. Owner is in Florida
    Screen name: poostang
    that bay was done in 2000-01 before everyone was doing them. Haven't talked to him in 6+years.
  11. Found poostang on the corral and oinkaodeoink on here and sent him pms. Thanks for the help.
  12. whatever happened to oink? that guy up just up and dissappeared. last i remember he was trying to start up a turbo fabbing business.
  13. His turbo website is long gone. I clicked on it yesterday when looking for him.
  14. yep thats him sorry been bsuy and didnt get to reply on here
  15. Unfortunately there have been multiple threads about him flaking out on people who put big down payments on turbo kits. Seems quite a few people lost thousands.
  16. I miss the good old days of drooling over oink's work.

    From what I remember he seemed like a great dude, can't see him stiffing people for their down payments, but I guess it's not impossible.

    His red car will always be a mustang legend in my mind. Along with 95sc5.0 or w/e his name is these days...the chameleon-painted vert that had like 4 sets of wheels to choose from...was vortech'ed, then procharged, then turbo...etc. Wonder what happened to him.

    Not that I have much room to talk, I haven't posted here in ages.
  17. Always wondered what happened to Oink...I remember the turbo new edge he was doing as a close clone/match to a rare saleen in the looks dept with a turbo under the hood. His red SN was the stuff of legend as far as bringing the bay together.

    Hope all is well and like said he did not come off as a guy that would just intentionally stiffing people but its not impossible. I just hope he is OK, a sudden departure from not only the hobby but handling business could have been from other issues.
  18. Yeah that guys chameleon car with all the wheels was sweet! Great stance.