Anyone know what happened to

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  1. They seem to have disapeared off the face of the earth.. Did Ford Finally get to them?
  2. Are they kidding?

    I am willing to give this the benefit of the doubt for a while. But after nearly 40 years of loyal Ford ownership (including owning crap like the Ford Tempo) I will give it all up and move on if this is the case! I can not belive that the company would treat their most loyal fans this way. For what purpose? Damn, I've owned dozens of Ford cars, Mustangs, Shelby's etc. and am lusting after the new 2007 Gt500.. But I would feel that I would have to move on if what I've been hearing (and seeing) continues...
  3. Ford shut them down....
  4. Do you have any details?

  5. I don't agree with the crusade that Ford is on but is a clear violation of copyright/trademark infringement and I am surprised this did not happen sooner. If you want to overreact and never buy a Ford again so be it, but this instance is not a good reason as Ford has a very VALID poiint in this case.
  6. I agree. FoMoCo is trademarked, no doubt about it. But all these other places like Mustangs Unlimited and such should not be shut down.
  7. ford is protecting ALL of its current trademarks, the mustang name included. it is a bad time for alot of people who have used the ford, mustang, falcon, and other ford trademarks, but ford is doing what it has to do to protect its trademarks. allen will set up a new site soon i imagine, so be patient. he has email addresses from all those who have posted on his site before, well those that put their emails down for reply notices anyway, and you can bet that we will let people know when allen has a new site up.

    in the mean time, instead of getting mad at ford for protecting what is theirs, try making this more personal so you can see where ford is coming from. say you have a product that is a very popular item. let us also say that you licenced this product out to a few people to produce, or reproduce said product. now you run across people that either dont maintain the level of quality you insist on, or you find people that make your product, use your trademark, but dont pay you royalties. you contact your lawyers and they say that legally you have to protect your trademark aggressively, meaning you have to restrict or eliminate licences, or you could lose your trademark. now tell me you wouldnt do the same thing ford, and many other companies do and have done, to protect what is yours.
  8. How much you want for that '70? :D
  9. There is also more information on VMF about FoMoCo being shut down if anyone wants to learn more.
  10. But what you are talking about is not what Ford is doing they are shutting down company that had there blessing and that have supported the ford and mustang names with there own money and they have played by fords roles. Only to have there intellectual properties shut down. It is not right to give your blessing to a company and let them work to increase the hobbies and the Ford name only to attack them 20 plus years later. And it will not stop with ford or mustang it will be stang pony and what ever they wont to because they have the lawyers to do it. Just think how hard it would be to find this place if it was call “old cars”. How many Chevy places would you have to go thought to find one ford site let alone a mustang site and this will cost YOU because YOU will have to pay more for EVERY part you but. Are they going after the 5.0 mark as well? Just imagine a world with out Cjponyparts, Mustangs unlimited, mustangs pulse, America pony parts, mustangs monthly, mustang and ford, and of course STANGNET. **** it could be the death of the hobby, as we know it. It is my belief that the 05 mustangs would not have been so popular if not for all the old classics on the street that people wonted but did not have the skill to make one for themselves. This is not them protection the FORD FOCUS of FUSION or what ever it is about them going after established companies period.
  11. I think that is the important part. Ford OK'd this and now years later want to take it back. It not fair. I guess working with that old fart Shelby again screwed with their heads over in the glass house. Did you guys read that Shelby is going after the Mustang crowd now that he is done with the Cobra's? No Shelby stripes, decals, or emblems unless you call Shelby direct and can prove you have an original Shelby Mustang. I thought imitation was the highest form of flatery. I guess only Shelby can rip off other peoples ideas. Just my 2 cents.

  12. That's what I was thinking

    Ford had already come to an agreement with the vendors some time ago They just decided to push it further now. They've already announced that they will be going after the publications like Mustang Monthly next.
  13. Obsolete Ford Parts in OKC was one of the first to get the hammer, this happened a couple years ago, and they once had Ford's blessing. Now it's called Classic Auto Parts I think.
  14. If this goes thought we need someone to hose a rosette stone site so we can still search for the old name and make our own bookmarks. With out something like that it will be hard when searching old site only to find the link dead.

  15. I agree that Ford has to protect their trademarks, but I disagree that Ford has to go about it in the way that they are doing it. They have made NO attempt to work with the people in the crosshairs like MustangsPlus - just sent them a nasty letter demanding $10,000 payment to their lawyers for damages, all business cards be destroyed, and a long list of other demands. It has the appearance of trying to put them out of business.

    How does it make sense that Ford would give MustangsPlus their blessing for 25 years and then suddenly pull the rug out from under them? Seems to me like more is going on than just trademark protection. Is Ford so stupid that they didn't realize that they needed to protect their name for 25 years, but suddenly in 2006 have an epiphany that they need to do so???

    To me, it sounds like Lawyers thought up a good way to make themselves money and screw everyone else in the process (including Ford!). It just doesn't make any sense!

    Ford could easily license the Mustang name for a small fee to the companies affected, establishing the legal precedent. It boils down to the way Ford is treating these companies that have done nothing but give Ford free advertising and have done more for Mustang sales than just about anyone or anything else!

    In essence, Ford is biting the hands that have fed them all of these years, and that is NOT COOL!
  16. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's about protecting what's "rightfully theirs"-I don't hear anything about protecting the T-5 name. Someone got thier panties in a bunch over getting screwed with the GT-40 name and on top of it, they are working with that ole snake again. Protecting is one thing-killing off everything in your path is entirely different. You think they have a right? I'll bet you won't be so worried about that when you can't find aftermarket parts (therefore ANY parts) for your classic because vendors either got driven out or gave up in disgust. And I'd bet what you can find will be at a premium. Ford has a "right" to do this, but they had a right to kill off the Mustang too-and replace it with the Probe. Remember what saved it? People, mainly the mustang community, because they wrote in, called in-did what ever nessesarry and saved it. Now this is a giant FU to those same people from Ford-think of the revenue they made because they kept the mustang-I don't see new probes selling over sticker. Wait, that's because they killed it off due to low sales. Why shouldn't we be pissed? After the loyalty that most enthusiests show Ford, should we not expect the same from them? If they refuse to support the aftermarket by making the parts we need, the least they can do is work with the vendors that do!
  17. Well said