Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. well, im going to trade in my cobra.

    im putting it back to stock to do so. i need a pulley removal tool. does anyone have one of these locally? id pay to use it, or work something out.

    thanks. im in olympia.
  2. What are you trading it in on?
  3. Jon, why are you trading it in? You have just been putting stuff on it since you have had it?
  4. like i said, i dont really want to get into it. i just realized its not something i want to keep. it only comes out of the garage for short drives and i blow all my money on it. not worth me keeping it. i did the same **** with my foxbody. so im done with mustangs, for awhile at least.

    just going to buy a nice single car that i can put some money into and actually drive everyday. actually leaning towards a truck and future quad purchase.
  5. :nonono: peace

  6. No Way Man.
  7. WTF!!! can't beleave it!!!!
  8. ouch...

  9. Insurance got cha? Perhaps the car payment? If neither, keep it, and buy a hoopie:shrug:
  10. Wow does that sound familiar, except mine was a daily driver. Good luck with your decision, I know im totaly happy with my decsion except I do miss my cobra once in a while, but then again I miss my x too, but my aim is getting much better now:uzi: :D J/K
  11. Why would you post a thread on Modular telling everyone your cars problem but not here? It not a secret.:shrug:
  12. Maybe he wants to sell it on this forum instead:D J/K :p
  13. i did on svtperformance too, didnt realize i was being tracked?

    the svt section here is alot less tech oriented then either of those sites imo. so i tried where i felt i would get the best info.
  14. IMO svtperformance is a joke for technical info.

    Good luck with the sell and getting the car fixed. :nice:

    I will go track someone else now. :rolleyes:
  15. if you think svtp is a joke for tech info, what is the svt section here on sn? :shrug:

    im not trying to hide anything. when i do fix it, ill probably keep it. i love the car, i just cant swallow the fact that i pay 500 a month (for my payment and insurance) for a car that i cant go out and mess around in anymore. it will be a different outlook when its running normal.
  16. SN tech info for SVT's is even worse! Believe me I know your frustration so hang in there. It's a process of elimination. FRPS, bad fuel pump, etc... Have you called James @ RWTD or some of the local shops for any ideas? I know the local shops won't help you over the phone but you never know they could point you in the right direction as to what to try first.
    Good luck,
  17. Jon is a very open and honist guy when it comes to Stangs. You can beleave what he says.
  18. Why do you care? Don't you pay someone else to do all the work on your car....?
  19. I feel your pain man... I got away for stangs for about a year and a half and it was a nice break from the insurance and gas prices. Also at the time, stangnet drama was pretty high and I needed space LOL. But now I am back and very happy with my cobra.

    How stock are you taking it too BTW?