Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. Bummer, hope you feel better before the trip. Don't loose all your car funds down there!
  2. I knew it! well said pog and jon. peace

  3. I will take a shot at that one. I can only speak for my customers but here goes.

    Ray- races at every race with at least 2 cars
    Sam- not fast enough and runs on 275 drag radials
    Lester- 11.1 at 127 on 26x10 slicks - NO SAFETY EQUIPMENT
    Toby- 11.1 on 26x10 slicks ONLY HAS 80% OF THE SAFETY EQUIPMENT
    JASON-10.70 at 129 on 26x10 slicks - NO SAFETY EQUIPMENT

    Most of the rest of the cars don't fit into any class and most of the cars were built as fast street cars with no real racing in mind.
  4. I think they are too scared... How can you go wrong when its FREE to run if you don't want to keep points for the year? I would have expected that the drag radial class, or " Mustang class" would be filled all the time.. Honestly, besides Mustangs, who runs 235 sized tires???

  5. Buick GN's? :D,.. Mini van's?? :D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. where was your car at the last race nate?
  7. Nate's car is actually getting pretty damn close, we'll be buttoning up his exhaust when we get back and I think that after that he just has to get the new valve springs here and installed.

    I'd say some time late june, early july.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what is the quickest stock block nitrous combo around here? Wouldn't it be Phill with is 331/fogger deal at 11.00?

    Just making sure nate's got his target at the right level. :D
  9. Jason Stenerson would be the fastest stock block nitrous car that I know of at least from my customer base. He drove to woodburn and ran 10.70 at 129 and drove home. This is not the usual AFP style car either it actually is a full weight GT with factory seats, sterio system, heater, ect.
  10. Sorry I must be getting old. Benny Seppla's car, the red LX hatch went 10.1 on a 100 shot with a 347 and I am almost positive it is a stock block also. Chet Olen owns the car now and he was running 10.7 all motor at the Ray day.
  11. I know its not a Ford, but I ran a 9.71 on a stock LONGBLOCK with 32psi and a 150 shot... Thats the fastest in the Toyota world. I think I could have gone faster but I had Jeff do my jetting :rlaugh: JK..
  12. Well stock block? I wouldnt consider a 331 or a 347 a stock block tho? My feelings on stock is right from the factory like a 302 peace


  13. I don't have feelings. :stick: What happened to this thread.:shrug:

    No peace

  14. The discussion is about BLOCKS, not ROTATING ASSEMBLIES. As such, displacement, compression, power adders, etc. can be whatever. As long as the block started life as a stock, crappy, flexible factory block, it qualifies to be commented on. You can take such a block, perform 3.2 million different blueprinting operations on it, install billet mains, threaded freeze plugs, and girdle everything you can think of and it is still a "stock block" combo.

    Peace dude.:hail2:
  15. I knew I liked you! You just saved me 5 min worth of banging keys.:nice:
  16. Diffrent people diffrent views. :shrug: peace

  17. I was more interested in stock shortblock stuff honestly, but mainly because IMHO the stock block stroker stuff is kinda pointless with a power adder.

    And Tim, yours doesn't count, a stock supra shortblock probably costs as much as mine did ;)
  18. A stock supra shortblock costs about $2,000 most places. A quality aftermarket stoker kit, though, would cost as much as your complete shortblock.
  19. i beleive the fastest stock, bottom end pass around here on nitrous is jeff in his old black coupe that went 11.1? year before last with AFP "150" shot cough 1200lbs bottle pressure cough and a stock AOD with a valve body. with a c-4 i think we could have got a 10.8-9 pretty easy. we repeated alot of 11.2 passes. the combo was every ones left overs and even a set of welded up aluminum heads.
    now that i think of it its alot like his combo now, everyone elses parts.
  20. i need to get my car on the dyno all i have to do is put it on there backwards pop off the hood and put some vht on my shoes and start running. im hoping for atleast 2ft/lbs of tourqe