Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. PEACE :shrug:

  2. Wow, this is a long thread.
  3. Does anyone else think the A/F is lean up top with the nitrous spraying? Why is the graph showing speed instead of RPM's?
  4. maybe since your now the all knowing tuning and dyno god you could enlighten us on your theories.
  5. Check it out!!!! Bills A/F is just like his 1/4 mile times....... 13's ....... :D :owned:
  6. Wow i have read this entire thread and all i can say wow so many people become internet soldiers talking all bad but its funny when you meet them in person and they are all hey whats up. I guess its allen is it i dont think you really know me that well if not at all and it's better that way.

    As for the rest let the C%$K fight continue :flag:
  7. :lol:
  8. Bro, don't test my gangster :nono:

    But it's true from what I have seen. Some talk trash, but most of us know that the majority of it is all in good fun. Haven't seen a fist fight yet, and hope I never do. Then again I am pretty much the new kid on the block and no, not one of those fruity boy band types :rlaugh:
  9. We actually smack talk for fun. Most of the guys that I make jabs at I am friends with (there are a couple of you I don't know). If my friends and I never talk smack there is not as much motivation to build my car faster. Stangnet is weak sauce compared to how much I jab at some of my buddies in person. :D
  10. Well said, Jon.

    To anyone thinking this is out of hand;

    I know most of the people posting in this thread (in real life) and this sounds like the **** we talk about while standing around at a meet, track, or SB. The majority of the smack talk in here is fun. I'm sure some of it is not. However, we are adults enjoying some friendly competition and smack talk.

    I talk a lot of **** when BS’ing with my friends here. I like the back and forth jabs from people actually building a fast car, running good times at the track or just an enthusiast enjoying the hobby.

    Enough mushy talk ****ers.
  11. I just think its funny with all the smack and crap talk thats all and to the guy that said dont test his ganster im apart of the baddest gang in world US ARMY :flag:

  12. I'll cut you!

    J/K, Are you coming into town this weekend? If so let us know so we know when to get the party started.

  13. Funny you say that Dean. I guess you haven’t meet me in person but I did hear how you called Bill and I PLP. Pretty funny considering neither of us purged the cars at the event but I guess when you’re a WBC (Wanna Be Cobra) you have to try and make yourself feel better. This is a smack talk thread so no one is trying to be all bad or start a fight so get over yourself bad ass. If you do see me don't be afraid to say "hey whats up".:rolleyes:
  14. How do you know I'm not trying to fight you?

  15. You can call me what ever you want and i remember you purging at starbucks and it was all a joke so sorry if i have offended you and if you think i scared your wrong served too many tours in iraq for that so i will probably say hi and hows it going and thats that.Now you have a badass car i commend you on that not all of us can afford that so we make do with what we have so what if i have cobra parts it still has GT on the fenders :flag:

    And to jeff the war has already cut me look at my face i make the security people nervous when i go through metal detectors pieces of that fricken place will always be in me .
    You know i will be down its the last time i can since i go home on the 16th

    And to all who gave their lives for us to live here free
    SSG Solario
    SFC Mack
    Two of my bestfriends you will always be missed and thanks for everything
  16. Why do you always have to be beating on that horse Jon? I'm calling PETA.
  18. Sorry had a brainfart and got a call from one of past buddies widows wishing a happy memorial day kind of choked me up
  19. Call, PETA, I'll beat them too.
    :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead:
  20. Dean,

    I appreciate everything you and your friends have done for this country. This day in particular everyone should stop and pay our respects to every person that has served, is currently serving or has given their life for this country. You deserve our respect and thanks. :hail2: :flag: :flag: :flag:

    Now back to the smack talk:

    I’m sure there will be abundance of PLPs and closet PLPs at the show June 3. See you there. Psss pssss :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: