Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. Top HP: 948 whp - Supra
    Top TQ: 941 wtq - TT Viper

    Jon, come on, everyone likes "rice". When is your car going to come down and claim the new Ford #?
  2. Aren't there a few high HP turbo cars around?? Eric, when is your car going to be done? It should lay down some #'s.
  3. My car is dyno shy, I've never been able to get a clean pull yet. went 152mph but the best dyno number was 420whp ;)

    I'm stuck in machine shop pergatory, probably won't even make the race on the 2nd at this point. I'll probably be paying you a visit some time in the next few weeks though when everything is finally done. I doubt i've got anything for these guys with their modular superstars though ;)
  4. If I were to run mine on the dyno, it would flat out break. Not because my car has power, but because the dyno would give up trying to determine that low of an HP/TQ combination :owned:

    However, I will say that I would be completely satisfied with 350rwhp. As long as I can reach that, I would be as happy as a pig in ****. I know that 450+ is possible with my car, but I don't think I need that much power. We'll see though. Once I can get my car built up, I am sure the power bug will bite me and I will go looking to put more and more power into my car.
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  6. If you've got all this money to spare you should have gotten a GT.

  7. Pog was talking about overall record, not the weak sauce Ford one.
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  10. I regret not getting a GT, but in the long run I save on insurance for right now. In the future I will probably get one, or just build this car up a bit for a fun DD. I don't really crave a ton of power and would be stoked with around 300-350HP to the wheels. Not sure which avenue I will go to add more power. Then again, I am not sure if any shops have any experience doing build ups on a 3.8L V6 as well as tuning them. I know a guy on the east coast that does e-tunes and know his stuff when it comes to the V6 Mustangs, but Florida is a bit far away if something goes wrong and I can't rely on playing e-mail tag while my car sits in my parking spot at my apartment complex trying to figure it out.

    Would be nice to build a turbo kit, because I can score a pre-made kit for $3,500 but then I still need to invest in fuel upgrades and other stuff to complete it which will drive the cost up considerably. Ugh, I have no money right now either trying to keep my bills paid :bang:
  11. really dont see the humor in that statement, But since we all know that you are a very special person:drool: I will laugh with you instead of at you this time.:lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh and that's Mr. Pump gas hero to you sir.:nice:
  13. WTF has this thread turnes into!!!!!!

  14. I think some of us are still waiting for the A/F Police to post up Bills graph. :shrug: We showed you mine so let's see it. I really don't care but I want to see if you guys stand behind your words.

  15. just make sure they aren't showing us Wally's again...I've seen enough of it to last a lifetime.
  16. For the record I had about 340hp and 390tq. The original engine is no longer in the mustang...:D :nice:
  17. Doesn't Ray's current engine make 700 horses on motor? You guys sprayed to hit the 8.88, right? I'm not trying to pick things apart, just trying to remember.:shrug: :hail2:
  18. We're not using the metric system for ratings here big guy.
  19. Busted!