Anyone local with this yet?

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  1. Did a vortech'd v6 a while back and it was decent. I'd say if you are going to go forced get a turbo. The supercharged v6 still felt somewhat weak sauce. Fuel system would set you back about $500 for pump, meter, and injectors.
  2. Rays motor made 714 std hp at the wheels through the powerglide on the 175 shot and in the 575 range all motor.
  3. Who was busted?

    As far as the dyno sheet goes, Bill has it- and I am quite sure he doesnt have a scanner. But it was out for everyone to see at the show. I am sure Rrev still has it (unless you guys deleted OURS too:mad: ) and they are more than welcome to post it up! I know how they love to get involved in our battles:p

    Tim, if your out there post it up!
  4. That's what your wife said when you tried telling her how long you are.
  5. Cool. So it was more like 900hp (crank) that went 8.88's in Ray's car. :nice:
  6. Allen would probably be willing to make you a deal on some Cobra fuel system soon:rolleyes:

    JK! dont get your panties in a bunch...I know I know:p
  7. On the engine dyno the motor made 858 at the crank and the same tune was in the 575 range at the wheels. The glide and converter soak up a lot. For comparison wallys 514 made 852 on the engine dyno and 630 to the wheels with a C-4 and a tighter converter.
  8. Thanks. I'm definitely getting rusty on my conversion factors.
  9. Dyno numbers for autos are deceptive. I made 430 at the wheels with an auto and ran 10.20 s where as in a similar car 420 with a stick we ran 11.0. We did a stick to auto conversion last year. The car made 550 rwhp with a stick and 420 with an auto but picked up from 11.1 to 10.60. That was a supercharged car.
  10. Is there a way to truly correct for this, or is it just pretty much a shot in the dark?
  11. It's a shot in the dark. You can run a lock up converter like most late model over drive trans have. Then it's more like a stick. Bottom line with any dyno number is " it's just a number " if it goes up you are making good changes if it is going down stop what you are doing and go the opposite direction.
  12. Why is Bill going back to a returnless system because you guys made his car slower? I will pass since I still have some fuel left with those skinny stock lines that wont support anything above 600.:p Bill should of bought wheels instead but I know you guys have other plans for him. :stick:
  13. trust me, if we could wrap that thing in slicks we would. :p But I guess for now, the under car neon will have to do. You wouldnt believe how hard it was to find aluminum colored tubes!

  14. What ever Ray's made it pulled like a bandit! 200mph on the dyno was pretty sweet that day. Pray for no rain when we all wake up 'cause I want to see that thing with the fogger spraying full tilt!!!!!
    Hopefully see you guys in the morning!

  15. Ray-Day:nice:
  16. Oh hell yeah! I cant sleep:rolleyes:
  17. I think I'm on my way down.....
  18. Heading out in 10 minutes...forcast looks good except showers at 10:00- before and after are just "cloudy"
  19. See you in a bit
  20. Here is Bills dyno graph ....
    SAE - 702
    STD - 720