35th Anniv Anyone looking for a daily :D

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  1. Never thought Id do this.

    35th Anniversary, Limited Edition number 998 out of 4628. This car has been great for the last 3.5 years Ive owned it. It has 104k miles on it, has had the oil changed every 3k miles, and has been taken care of very well. The intake manifold was replaced by Ford due to it being the all plastic version that was prone to cracking. The heater core was replaced by my dad and I about 5k miles ago. The only mods are the following.

    Mac catback with brand new Flowpath Mufflers
    FRPP King Cobra clutch put in about 7k miles ago and a K&N air filter that was just re-oiled.
    Steeda Sport springs
    Mach 1 tockico shocks and struts
    Maximum Motorsports Subframe connectors

    The paint is in pretty good shape for a daily driven black car with 100k miles. There are a few small dents and dings, and the front bumper has some chips. The front tires were replaced about 5k miles ago and the rear tires will need to be replaced in the next few thousand miles. They have been on the car since I bought it 40k miles ago.

    This car has been great to me, I hate to see it go, but it is a stepping stone to the next great thing. If you are interested, let me know.

    Price is 7500.00 firm





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  2. Car sold today gentlemen. Tomorrow is my last day with her. :) yet :*(
  3. Take her for one last ride. :)
  4. Most def. Tomorrow will be a sad day for sure behind the wheel.