Anyone Looking for a Rare 1967 Mustang?

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  1. I have a 1967 CandyApple Red Mustang Coupe w/ White vinyl roof. Rare V-6 200 cui with custom ordered Interior. It has Tilt Steering, the Floor console, the roof map lights; Park, Door, Fuel, and Seat Belt warning lights, Parchment Interior, MINT Exterior and Great Interior. This car was rebuilt from the ground up with the original interior. NUMBERS MATCH. This car is kept Garaged, and Runs GREAT. I have records kept dating back 36 years ago, With cased original purchase slip. I have plenty of pictures if your interested in buying. Asking a negotiable $8000. Reply or E-mail me at [email protected].
  2. This is not the section to post "For Sale". :damnit:
  3. Rare V-6 200

    must be a one of a Kind...... they never came with a V-6

  4. They need a new Smilie for STUPIDITY this one just doesn't hit the mark :stupid:
    I think the "V-6" were the most common weren't they?
  5. I think the "V-6" were the most common weren't they?

    Before you start pointing the Idiot flag, check your facts. They never put a V-6 is any classic Mustang, it was a straight 6/ L-6

  6. Also, when you say "numbers match" you are usually talking about a Corvette. Mustangs did not have the VIN stamped on the drivetrain componenets. Now, if it has dual consoles, tilt steering, and the convenience group it does sound fairly rare...particularly if it had a 6 cylinder engine. $8K is a bit steep for a 200ci coupe though. You should be able to find a decent yet plain ragtop with a V8 for that.
  7. Not that I typically like to get involved in these things, but Worth, I think 65fsbkhipo was probably being sarcastic... thus the reason he put quotation marks around the V6. I think he was implying that way too many ignorant people refer to any old 6 cylinder as a "V6". Anyway, I think you might owe him an apology. :shrug:


  8. What the heck do alot of people not know what the "V" stands for. I thought that was prety much common sence.
  9. Dang, Major's getting deep in here! ;)

    Worth, its been more than once that you have flown off the handle because you mis-read or didn't catch the sarcasm. Take a deep breath and re-read this thread. You take things too seriously! :rolleyes:
  10. I think the V-6 reference is a dumb mistake also. But "for sale" want ads belong in the classified section not here. This has been explained more than once. :doh: :doh: :nono: :nono:
  11. Join date of July 2003. One time post to sell the car or a new member?

  12. It's been taken care of, and BTW i didn't personally catch the sarcasm either :shrug:
  13. Sorry, the V-6 reference and the numbers matching comment cast the whole description in doubt.
  14. Well, in spite of it all, I actually learned a few things from this post.

    I was not aware that Mustangs cannot be "numbers matching" cars. Does this hold true all the way through the '73 models? Do collectors just look at build dates and casting dates to try to determine if an engine is original, or could probably be original?

    My other cars are all GM varieties, and they all have the last six digits of the car's VIN stamped on the engine blocks.

    And by the way...I DID catch the sarcasm.
  15. the engines had the date codes stamped on them. such as D1 for 71.

    but it was the date code, then the part number.

    so numbers matching for a mustang would mean that the parts were from the same year as the car.

    cant tell what vehicle they came from.

    thats the way i always thought it was.
  16. I saw the sarcasm :cool:
  17. I agree that "matching numbers" can apply to Mustangs. While the numbers may not literally match, the date codes and such can be matched. For instance, fenders that have a build date stamped that falls a couple days BEFORE the build date on the car would mean that they match the car.

    BTW, I DID see the sarcasm.
    As for the price, depending on the condition of the restoration, it may very well be worth the $8k. I doubt this is the case with this particular car, however, but who knows. As I remind you that he said the price was negotiable, I will also ask where you are picking up '67 'verts for $8k?!!
    I seriously think some of you guys are stuck in the early nineties with your ideas of what certain cars should cost.
  18. One exception to the "numbers matching" Mustang are the 64.5 thru 67 K-code cars. Most (not all) had the cars VIN stamped on either or both the engine block and transmission. My 65 has both stamped.
  19. "Correct numbers" is more appropriate then naumbers matching" when in comes to Fords.
  20. Yes, you can tell what car the part came from. The third digit in a part number denotes what vehicle it was for. Z is Mustang, D is Falcon, O is Fairlane, etc. I figured out my engine came out of a Fairlane, and my transmission came out of a Galaxie this way. Here's the link to the website I got the info from: (hope it works!)

    Here's an example from the page above:
    C6ZZ-6504290-BAB (Instrument Panel, 1966 Mustang, Black)