Anyone Looking for a Rare 1967 Mustang?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by hager86, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Even for folks who can't catch sarcasm because it go's over their head, I think the source of the supposed stupidity should offer some clue as to wether it was a serious remark or one said in jest. In this case for example, where the person in question, 65fsbkhipo, has his own restoration business and has worked on, sold and purchased several Mustangs in his lifetime. That should be a pretty decent clue to any of us that are regulars and know him that he was obviously serious and doesn't know his azz from his engine type. :rolleyes:

    (Once again folks, that was sarcasm on my part for those still having trouble following along). ;)
  2. are too funny... :stupid:

    I think what got it going was that the same smilie I used just then, I also used earlier in this thread...that pointed to Worth's reply. That is what he got upset about, not the content of the post.
  3. Maniac66---- even though a certain part's casting/ part # indicates it was made for a certain car ( such as a Stang or Fairlane) it still doesn't neccessarily mean the part actually came in that particular car ( or truck) from the factory. One such glaring example is the cylinder heads on the 87-95 GT 5.0 Stangs, almost all the heads on these motors are E7TE "truck" castings. Many 60's small block parts were made for either Stangs or Fairlanes ( or their Mercury counterparts) and were used interchangably between the two car lines.
  4. Oh and by the way, to all concerned: I think the " IDIOT" thing , while it may have been deserved (to a certain extent) got way out of hand ( in my opinion). I think if you want to get bent out of shape in voicing your opinions about some of the stupid ( or ignorant ) things posted here, you really should keep it to yourself sometimes. I know I ain't been no saint when it comes to getting carried away, but I have tried to tone it down. I think hager86's mistake in saying his car had a V-6 was an honest ( though ignorant) mistake, and not deserving of the scolding he got for it , even with his mis-posting the thread where it didn't belong.
  5. Thanks , SuperDave
  6. Getting back to the original topic...does anyone know just how rare the subject car really is? Is there enough description to tell?
  7. Cant tell without a few pics.
  8. i think it would be more of a question of desirability rather than rarity.
  9. OK, I think I have it now.....

    Let me see if I'm in line with the rules now.

    I post "must be a one of a Kind...... they never came with a V-6"

    which is obviously sarcastic.

    Then I am called an Idiot. Then I call said person an IDIOT. And I am way out of Line.

    OK, I think I understand now....Thanx for the help.

    Oh, and I humbley apoligize!


    PS. just FYI I wasn't mad. And still aren't.
  10. I understood all the Idoit's to have been aimed at the original poster.
  11. Hey Monkey, I saw all kinds of neat junkyards in going north out of Alamogodo up to Carrizozo the other day, lots of old cars in em. I giess you never got down that way when you were there.
  12. That's how I understood it as well. :shrug:
  13. Yep, that's what I'm talking about :damnit:
  14. you guy's confuse me. :( :D
  15. sheesh

    dag fellahs i just got back to readin this...haha my new to the business cut me some slack..honest mistake no?..still learnin and im still sellin it but i wont mention that here......sorry for bein an instigator...hager
  16. hager, we are still waiting on the pics! :p
  17. Medic, Medic ,someone Get A Medic Over Here!!!!!!
  18. Run Forrest Run!!!!
  19. That's cool. It was a mistake. You shouldn't be landblasted for that, but to help keep this a little more appropriate for tech post some pics for us -

    BTW - (obviously now) POLITELY - no FS here :nono: -