Anyone minitub their classic yet?

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    I would like to tuck a nitto 275 series DR without having to roll the outer lips. It looks like I can get some serious real estate by narrowing the front of the wheelhouse. whaddaya think? anyone do it yet?
  2. I have considered it. I do know that I would have to move the springs in to get any serious tire under there. I don't really want to go that far. A friend of mine (mopar guy) moved his springs in the width of the springs and did a mini-tub and now he can get a very wide tire under his dart. You would never know by looking at it either.
  3. On the wife's 68 fastback we moved the inner wheeltub in approximately 3/4"in the back and about 1 1/2" in front, effectively "squaring" the wheelhouse with the frame rail. This made the wheelhouse pretty much even with the side of the leaf spring from front to back. By only moving the wheel house in 3/4" we are still able to use the original interior panels without modifications (the fold down seat latches have to be moved in to match up). On the 68, a set of 295/50 X 15 on 10" rims fit with no problem, but there would be interference with the leaf springs. We are looking at probably the TCP G-link, or possibly the EVM 3-link for rear suspension. Even with these clearances look like they will be tight.
  4. ooo. i measured and a nice 235 tire is what I want to go with for street duty. problem is no one makes them in a nice drag radial for 17" (i.e. bullitt rims). too bad so sad
  5. I want to mini tub my classic and would have no problem doing so!

    I have some 15x10 wheels that need to fit!
  6. Well it looks like I have to try it out!
  7. Good luck. Take pics and let us know how everything ends up and what size tire fits
  8. I did the mini tub on mine. There's some pics on the websites. I mocked up a 17 x 11" rim with 7" backspacing.


    I am eventually putting rear disc brakes on the car which will push the wheel out another .25"

    The rims I am going with are (94-04) 17 x 10.5 (6.85" BS) and a 315/35/17 on the rear. This should pull the tire bulge tighter by 1/8" - 1/4"

    Should have the wheels in a couple weeks. Then I have to get the front 17x9's cut down to 17 x 8.

    So the budget being the way it is, I am hoping to have it on the new tires and wheels in a couple months.

    Pics when the wheels and tires are done.
  9. Another pic;


    The rim shown in the pics is physically 12" wide, but bead to bead on the inside is 11". The tire I am getting has a max section width of 12.4" so .2" on either side of the rim.

    Worst case scenario, I can push the wheel out another 1.25" I'd rather keep it as tight to the leaf springs as I can get away with, without rubbing.

    The tubs are essentially another complete set of inner wheelhouses, that I just cut and fit, and moved in 1" closer to the frame.
  10. wow, that is massive for a classic. at first glance it looked like you cut the bottom off the wheelhouses
  11. Awesome, thanks for the pictures.


    Mini tubbing my 66 coup, ill be able to fit a 10" wheel with a 6.5" back spacing and not have to worry about any rubbing problems. Correct?

    This will be a street/strip car.
  12. i didn't have any problems fitting a 275/50-15 under my '68 without touching the fender lips. 15x8.5 rim. i would imagine you would have a tougher time with a 65-66.
  13. I mini tubbed mine, I took it all the way to the frame rail. Though I am no longer running leaf springs, and i narrowed the Rear.

    This is from inside though not yet complete.


    Those are 315's I have plenty of room and the tuck nicely, though i went a bit over board. I know 12 sec goal got his to fit with some miner modifications.


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  14. After the mini tub how are you guys doing the interior? I definately want to do a minitub but I don't know how far I can go without disrupting the interior too much. I have fold down seats which also complicate things. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  15. Fudge ford mustangs, I am definitely doing that tub shown on mustangs unlimited site. My prelim. estimations say I will gain 1.5" of width with only minor modifications on the front. I dont know how that stacks up with the interior panel, but some work is definitely going to get done. hopefully a 275 drag radial will fit
  16. I had the interior in the car with the cage, and the tub done. As you can see there is no inner fender bracketry. With the Mini tubs in so far the interior FB panels pretty much rest right up against the inner fender.
  17. i found to fit a 28" tire I put the outline where I needed to cut on the wheelhouse, then removed the inner interiror panel and seat, then drilled 3 holes along the line I drew. I then replaced the interior panel and stuck a drill bit in to gauge the depth required. It looks like I can gain an inch safely and be able to truck 245s in at full jounce and still have the interior panel. here I come cutoff wheel!!!!