Anyone need a CarFax report?

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  1. VIN: 1FAFP40493F370970

  2. Vin# 1FALP47V8VF198340

    This is a Cobra I am about to buy, guess running a carfax couldn't hurt. Thanks
  3. I would appreciate a carfax for the car:


    Thanks in advance.
  4. Damn dude, you are hooking A LOT of people up :nice:
  5. Need Carfax Please

    Can you check this for me and email to [email protected] Thanks

  6. Would appreciate if you could run this please.


    04 Mach 1

    if its easier, email to [email protected]

    Thank you.
  7. topless98gt,
    could you run this one for me? 1FALP42X6VF170142

    Email is fresca23 at

    Thanks a bunch!
  8. 1fafp42x8yf235767




    Three Roush Stage2's i'm looking at.

  9. If you would.. 1FAFP42X14F152501 Thanks in advance :nice:
  10. Thanks a lot! :nice:
  11. Any sort of risks on doing a carfax? I really dont need one anyways...I bought the car brand new LOL. Just wondering :)
  12. What do you mean? It's not like your credit, hahaha.
  13. n00b
  14. As in can people track how many times a carfax has been run on X Vin? Any way for people to find out who I am and my address if I give out my vin? I just think about these type things I guess.
  15. What a wimp :)

    It'll just say the town you registered the car in :shrug:
  16. Oh, yeah, definitely. There are TONS of risks. It tells whether or not your mother is deceased (sorry, does not support father 2.0 yet). Also, if mother is living, tells age. If not, tells her death day. Her DOB. Her DL #. Her natural hair color (no support for artificial color yet). Weight, eye color. Whether or not she's had any surgeries done. Also tells your SSN, your DOB, your DL #, your siblings names and length of penis's and/or vaginas. Tells whether or not your sister is a virgin (no support for brother yet). If sister isn't virgin, it tells the date that she lost her V-Card and to whom. It tells what year your car is, what make and model it is, tells last recorded milage, whether or not any accidents have been reported. Tells whether or not your card has any odometer fraud (mine does!). Tells # of owners. Tells the size of your engine (does not support aftermarket swaps yet). Oh! And the best feature is...IT'S ALL you, ****.

    You're very welcome.
  17. 1FAFP46VX1F191320

    You forgot me :(