Anyone need a CarFax report?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by topless98gt, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Have a sister TheEngineer? I call dibs if so!;)
  2. :rlaugh: Yes, yes I do, you can have her! However you're gonna need a better car than what you got, she drives a BMW X3 :D
  3. :( Gold Digger
  4. hahaha nah she really isn't, but she is 6 ft. tall so you better be taller than that ;)
  5. She's probably a beast anyways :shrug: and I'm only 6' so I don't stand a chance with your sister :(
  6. Thank You

    VIN: 1falp45t9rf207859 Thanks a lot. I know it's last minute.

    [email protected] if you need to email it.
  7. Wow thanks for the "help" :rolleyes: . Ill be sure to whip by houston on my way back from MPH and teach you a lesson that you will never forget :D .

    "Turbo PI> N/A NPI 101" :nice:

    But seriously lol, I get the point....but im still not going to do it :rlaugh: . I dont like doing that crap anyways.
  8. Who's in Houston? I'm in Waco or Arlington, depending on my mood.

    You're very welcome for the help...I got a little carried away, sorry. If you would like, you can PM me the VIN # if you're interested in your car history (even though you bought it brand new) and I will PM you the link back. No risks in that.
  9. Crap dude you linked mine wrong lol. My VIN is 1FAFP45X41F220555 and you linked me to someone elses. If you could redo mine that would be great.
  10. I'll crack that PI Twin Turbo'd POS at HRP if it needs to be done ;)
  11. Thanks

    Thanks for running that last report for me. If you read this before your membership expires could you run VIN: 1gndu06d0rt134185 . I'd really appreciate it.
  12. Accident and frame damage. :( Not what I wanted to see, thankyou very much though.
  13. You're very welcome. Anyone else before it expires tonight?

  14. Oh man, looks like I caught you just in time!!!

    VIN 1FAFP47V11F210528


  15. Bah, sorry last 2 guys. CarFax expired already. Sorry I didn't come back to the post earlier.

    I think I ran a total of 85 or so CarFax reports. Altogether we saved about $1,699.15! Yay!!!