Anyone Not Run A EGR Spacer?

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  1. To anyone that doesnt run an egr spacer, do you have to modify the throttle cable or does the few inch move not cause any problems? Bored and nothing else to do and I havent tried this yet, thats why im asking such a stupid question.:SNSign: I figured most people run EGR delete plates becuase it may cause problems with the cable if you take the spacer completely off.:shrug: :lol:

  2. i did and made my own delete plate by modifying the original bracket. i am switching back to the egr cause to do this you need to hack the heater tubes that run along the lower intake and with it like that it looks sloppy. other than that it served its purpose and i never had any problems

    this is a shot i took while i was mocking it up. i ended up rounding it off and painting it

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  3. I may end up just making a delete plate for the spacer since it will look factory still. How is your turbo project coming?
  4. i wish i had a better pic of it after i painted it and cleaned it up, it actaully looked pretty good, only problem is you run into problems with the throttle cable hitting the heater tubes that run on the lower intake

    car ran for about 3 weeks lol. then i decided since my head gasket let go i would just pull the motor and clean the bay at the same time, one thing led to another and i got $1500 worth of parts sitting in my basement :rlaugh: the car will be 10x better looking and will run better in the spring though
  5. I used to run an egr delete plate on my 93. It got it off ebay. All it was is a 1/2" thick piece of aluminum plate that has all the proper holes for TB studs and opening into the upper intake and a two theaded holes for the throttle cable bracket bolts.

    I had no problems with the heater tubes but the throttle cable bracket had some interference issues with the FPR so I made some spacers to space the bracket away from the FPR enough so that it would all clear when bolted up.

    I didn't have any problems with the throttle cable or TV cable with the plate that I had.

    I ended up going to back to an EGR set up so it is sitting amonst a bunch of spare parts in my workshop.