Anyone ordering a GT500 or are you merely salivating ?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by LordHalbert, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Is anyone seriously thinking about ordering a GT500 ?

    Or are you all just merely salivating over something you wish you could afford ?

    Just wanna get a feel for how serious you folks are about owning one.

    I know I can't afford one - no way, no how.

    I currently have a nice 05 GT and it'll do for now until I win the lottery.
  2. IF i can get one for MSRP, AND get a decent amount for my 05 GT trade, THEN i WILL buy one. its the if, and, then theory. just wish i would have known about the shelby before i bought the GT, MIGHT have waited.
  3. I will have one, but I don't think I'm ordering, I feel the price will be stupid, until they start sitting on lots. Which I'm confident they will.
  4. I tried ordering one, but no one seems to know anything about it. The dealer never got back to me about a list or anything. I want a convertable though, so I have to wait a little longer.
  5. You can't order one yet! You probably won't be able to until March 2006
  6. Although you can not officially order one yet, I am confirmed #3 at the dealership. Also I have a fax from the GM of the dealership stateing my price will be whatever the MSRP is. It helps to know people. Still, I am not sure what the heck color I want. None of them thrill me so far. I would like a Gray with blk or silver stripes.... but I havent heard that mentioned as one of the combos. I guess I'm leaning to Blue/white or silver stripes.
    But time will tell for all of this. I could get a call from the dealership saying they have a high bid on the car do I want to match it.......In which case I tell them to stuff it....
    I will get one, one way or another.
  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You'll be lucky if they stick with it. If these cars are going to be 10K over sticker as most think, then you won't get squat for MSRP, unless the dealership your dealing with is good friends or ass backward and don't know any better.
  8. I am #1 on my dealerships list ...

    and I am dredding to find out how much the are going to go over MSRP. The GM emailed me and confirmed that I am #1 on the list and that the price will be what the "Market" dictates. If it is anywhere near MSRP, then I am in. Yes, I am drooling over the thought of getting the new Shelby, but reality says I will probably get priced out. I like my 05GT and she will fit the bill if I can't get the Shelby do to dealership greed! Time will tell. It is really tough being #1 on the list and not knowing if they will price you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well as posted on other sites, Since there were no Cobra's for 05 and 06, I think SVT will produce well over 10,000 units and there won't be a problem and ony the ones that are hard up will pay over MSRP. It happend with the 03's. History usually repeats itself.
  10. I am going to order one October 2008!!! That is when my V6 is paid off (financed for three years @ 2.9%. Yeah, payments are high, but then she will be all MINE!). I want it black with red stripes. I hope that by the 2009 model year, the price will be reasonable and the bugs (if there are any) will be worked out. Long time to wait, I know, but it never hurts to plan ahead...;)
  11. If the planets are all aligned correctly I plan to purchase one next year. I only hope it comes in a decent gray color.
  12. The best thing for getting a Cobra at MSRP may be for gas prices to remain high. At that point anyone thinking about it as anything other than a weekend toy will be out of the market.
  13. still waiting

    I too are on top of the dealers list. There is just no info to give people. They act dumb everytime I ask about a price or color or anything! I did let them know that if they try to sell over sticker price I would go to the nearest Dodge dealership and buy a Charger. (I wouldn't really buy one of those ugly p.o.s. cars) It did make me feel better. I can say that Goodyear is sending tires to ford for the Shelby. The tire is the F1 supercar series tire. It's an Awesome tire and should help the Shelby corner like no Mustang as ever before.I work for the tire plant that's building the tires and have seen the tires loaded up and shipped. Ford will pick the compound that best fits the mustang and then order for full production.When I see tire build orders coming the time is near. I'll keep you posted..........................
  14. It won't be the best tire for the car, but it will be enough to pull over .9 Gs and still last. SVT said there are better tires for the car, but they wont last long under hard use.
  15. Not happening, Ford will not throw incentives on these like the 04s. 7,200 is the "official" company wide projection.
    PS. "plans" are a short run, "two year" production.
  16. I think you folks should plan to spend at least $3000 above MSRP if you intend to actually own one.

    That's unless you're friends with so-and-so at Ford or at a dealer.
  17. I'm planning on $50,000 or under for the vert. If it is more than $50,000 then i'll wait.
  18. I'd like to have the Cobra too, but even $40K for a car is too much for me. I'd rather spend that on a classic that will appreciate immediately. So... here's my plan: I'm putting 2000 miles a month on my daily driver 2005 GT. At that pace my warranty will be up in Oct 2006. I'm hoping that the Cobra engine and trans will be available through Ford (along with the other necessary components) and I'll do the engine swap myself. The crate engine and trans will have a limited warranty again and I'll be happy. I know it won't be as valuable as the Shelby Cobra, but I didn't buy this car for the investment. Besides I don't plan on keeping it for 20+ years until it becomes classic.
  19. Im not even paying attention to the release of the 500. Dealers will throw 10k over msrp because there are enough people who can afford it. Gas prices? Not an issue if your paying 40 or 50k for the car. I have a 05 V6 and a 04 F150, at $3 a gallon Im not even batting an eye. At $5 a gallon Im still able to afford it. Im just not spending that kind of money on a car, not interested.
  20. I'm #1 for the vert at my local dealer. Will pay MSRP or will walk.