Anyone ordering a GT500 or are you merely salivating ?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by LordHalbert, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. sounds positively prophetic
  2. That's ok, you can walk, I'd rather drive.:D
  3. Hope you've got a comfortable pair of shoes!
  4. I was told MSRP wouldn't be a problem, but if it comes to the dealership wanting a premium over sticker, I'll wait a year or two and then pick one up on X plan. I've been waiting a long time for this car to be built, but it makes absolutely no sense to pay a premium for a depreciating asset.

  5. :hail2: Amen, unfortunately, those with deep pockets who desire to be the first to have these will most likely pay a premium.
  6. Hey wait a minute...Overland..that better not be Extreme Ford, because if so, I'm #1 for a convertible and I put down a $10,000 deposit and I agreed to pay over sticker. :Damnit:
  7. :Word:
  8. Well I have an "In" to be able to purchase at MSRP since I am stationed overseas if I order through the military car sales program. Because of that I canceled my purchase contract on an 06 GT and will be ordering an 07 Shelby as soon as they open the books on them. I have had to move several things around and make a few compromises to be able do so, but I think it will be worth it :hail2: Plus it coincides with the end of my tour so I can take delivery stateside and not have to stress over it being shipped. The dealer that has to take delivery and hand me the keys will be ticked I am sure since they arent making anything on the deal. :D
  9. Hell no. I would never, ever, ever give one dime to Extreme Ford. They are the worst Ford Dealership in Kansas City when others will sell for sticker. I live a mile from there and would never give my business to those thieves.

    Call the other ford dealers in Kansas City and get on a better list.

  10. I have two on order to hedge my bet, one in Canada and one in the US. Guaranteed first cars in each dealership with letters from owners and dp checks cashed. I have several Mustangs including a 68 GT500KR convert and will pay modestly over list for early availability.
  11. I want to order one... :( But I am the poor.
  12. The GT500 is unbelievable, I wish I was out of college and could afford one, maybe someday :(

  13. This folks is one reason why the dealers charger over and the rest of us must suffer because of it. They will charge more because idiots will just bow down to them to be the so called first one on the block. Hope the first runs don't have the problems the 99's and even the GT40 do.
  14. NOBODY has $h!t ordered at this time. You may have put a deposit down to be on a list and think your gonna pay MSRP. You know what's going to happen when these cars come in? you'll pay what they ask of get your deposit back.
  15. So true!

    and so sad too
  16. Supply and Demands a *****, ain't it? O well, I'll just keep putting more aside. Good thing I started saving after I bought my used '03.:D
  17. I will get the 1st one our dealership gets at invoice or lower. And I will get guaranteed $25.000 for my 05GT Coupe with 6500 miles on it.

  18. So there IS a Santa Claus??!
  19. if there was a Santa, I would get mine before 2006! :D
    Guess Santa will come in July !
  20. I would love tohave me a Shelby, but you guys that give your money to dealers just to be on a list, and not even gauranteed a car are foolish. Better off putting that money into an IRA and wait till the greed wares off from the Stealerships.