Anyone ordering a GT500 or are you merely salivating ?

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  1. I am really planning on buying one. I will only pay a-plan because as someone said before me, it is a car, it will depreciate. Anyone who pays over msrp must have a lot more $ than they know what to do with. If they keep this up too much longer, the c6 keeps getting more and more attractive!
  2. Salivating and waiting ....... I've never walked into a dealership so I can always drive off.
    I wonder if FORD will really make it a 'limited' production run. I believe history will repeat itself.
  3. 2007 FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT 500 --- release date -- JUNE 06,2006 to the dealerships....MSRP $45000.00 Dealers will be encouraged to sell these VEHICLES at the DEALERSHIPS through the use of LIVE AUCTIONS!!!! Don't ask me how I know!! I'am not at liberty to say!!!:cheers:
  4. Please don't post stupid heresay in the forums without facts to back it up.

    Your information is false.
  5. I was first on the list to order a Shelby in March 2005 at my local dealer in West Tennessee. After waiting all this time I recieved a call from them on Monday 11/21/05 telling me they are getting 2 cars in and the fastback will be
    $45,000 and the convertible will be $50,000.These will be the starting prices and highest bidder will get them.You bid on what they get, no special orders.
    I proceeded to tell him what i thought about the pricing and their method of selling them and he told me this is the way Ford said they were to sell.He said this was not a dealership dicision. I also let him know that i will not be participating and if i do buy one i will wait and get a good used one in several years. In light of this, a new Corvette is looking real good.I own several other older Chevys and a 2002 ZL1.This would have been my first Mustang.
    This is my first post,but have been reading here for several months. I thought everyone would be interested in what i learned this week.
  6. Please, Please, Please,


  7. Ford has not said ANYTHING to ANY DEALERSHIPS regarding the Shelby. I am the business manager of our local Ford dealership and I check on the status of Shelby (release date, pre-order,pricing etc) on a daily basis!
    I can't belive there are people out there putting money down on it, long before the price is even announced!
    Hang on to your money and wait till you know for sure how much it will cost you! This will also avoid the huge mark-ups from dealerships who think about massive profit on these units!
    I know that I will get one when we get our 1st one, but it won't be at D-plan, invoice only!

  8. This is total BS and is starting to really piss me off. I am also on a list, have a small amount of money down as a good faith deposit and have a written agreement with the owner of the dealership for MSRP, whatever that ends up being. If they even think about calling to tell me the car will be for highest bid, I will not buy a Ford again.The GT500 is a Mustang enthusiast car and they are sucking the life and spirit directly from the loyal fan base who have helped make this car the success it is today. Without us, this car would have gone the way of the Camaro/Firebird. I am going to the Detroit auto show to see the car first hand and hopefully speak with some of the Ford folks to get some first hand info about this car. Until then, I think I will stop reading threads about this car as it's just pissing me off and nobody can be sure of what is real and what is speculation.
  9. Right on Jcode68, they are preparing to abuse loyal Ford customers, just like many dealers have been raping customers on 05 & 06 Mustang GTs. If I can't get the Ford I want on X, screw 'em, I'll go buy something from the competition.
  10. I would prefer that Chrysler builds the new challanger with the 425 hp hemi and get that instead.
  11. jcode68, instead of gettin pissed of at these threads or the dealership, you should get pissed of at yourself for walking into a dealership and putting down money on something that you dont even know how much it will cost or when it will come out!
    You get mad over people's speculations on what they think Ford might do! Ford has not said anything about any planned system for the release of the 07 Shelby. Its because of YOU that the dealership get the chance of taking advantage of the rest of us! If youre patient enough to wait till information is released from Ford and THEN go pre-order one, then you should be fine!
    This is NOT about ripping loyal customers, this is about some select dealerships taking advantage of naive people !
    just like the case was with the 05's,,,,there were dealerships out there chargin $4-5K over MSRP....
    When the 05 model was announced and confirmed , all I did was go to the dealership and pre-order one, which I got on the first day it was released here in Ohio.
  12. That may be true, but you are also a Ford business manager...quite different if you're just Joe Schmoe walking in off the street. I called all the local dealerships here in Omaha and only one would even talk to me about "the list" the rest were either ignorant or were trying to play dumb so they wouldn't be committed to selling their first cars at or near retail. My guess is that for the first year the premium on these are going to put them out of most of our price range :(
  13. "I will get the 1st one our dealership gets at invoice or lower. And I will get guaranteed $25.000 for my 05GT Coupe with 6500 miles on it."

    Hey risingforce, it's easy for you to say that we should all be patient, you have a lock on the first at your dealership. Good for you, but don't break my balls for getting in line for one and willing to pay MSRP. True, nothing concrete has been publsihed about the MSRP, but I think we have all read enough information that we can be confident the price will be in the very low $40k range, which I am comfortable paying and can afford. I usually avoid the pissing contests that sometimes occur on these boards, but I have a problem with this comment:

    "Its because of YOU that the dealership get the chance of taking advantage of the rest of us!"crapola

    Given your situation, I don't think you can consider yourself in the same boat as the rest of us. BTW, if someone pays you "guaranteed $25.000 for my 05GT", then I hope you pass judgement on them as well and label them as "naive people" also.

  14. At the time I bought my 05 I didnt work at the dealership... And I didnt put any money down until they had the order forms,,, I belive if you would do the same you should be safe...
    Also its not any naive people givin me $25k for my 05, its my dealership and theyre givin me that based on the actual market value ( thats what its booked in the NADA book)....

    All I am sayin is, dont put any money down till you see the ORDER FORM at your dealership!

  15. This is exactly why we've been telling the dealers over and over not to participate any sort of list agreement. Allocation hasn't been set for everyone, there's no word on who will get how many and when. The dealers that "are playing dumb" as someone put it are the ones playing it safe and making the market fair for everyone else. It's going to be all these dealers that have lists going that are going to cause the markups that the market will bear at launch. :nonono:
  16. I'm actually salivating over that GT500 and its huffed 32V 5.4 V-8... but I'm more of looking forward to the other special Mustang in between the GT and GT500... Because I know that I could never afford the GT500's price tag. Because I'm presently in college and I'll be paying the student loans afterwards... boo hoo
  17. Im not on the list for one because I cant afford one because we just bought a used 2000 gt, a 2003 windstar and a 1995 gt and a 2005 f250 diesel in the last 2 years but my dad is #1 on the list of the local ford dealership which he is friends with the owner. He has been consistantly on the phone with SVT weekly and is attending the Detriot Auto Show where they are supposed to be presenting the final product. And he wants a black and gold coupe to match his 66 gt350h. So I will get to drive one but not buy one.
  18. I will buy one, but I'll wait till thing settle down a little. I ain't buying this cause I'm trying to impress anyone, this is just for me. I figure by spring 2007 I should be able to get one for list.
  19. I love threads like this. Make for great entertainment. Name calling, chest puffing. All good stuff. Some people have more money and are willing to spend it. Let them and stop b1tch1ng about what they do with their cash. Others will wisely wait, let the furor subside and make fair deals on the car.

    I love the GT500 and would love to have one in the driveway, but it's just more than I want to spend so
    I ordered an '06 GTO for $475 over invoice minus any applicable rebates. Sure it will have 75 fewer horses, but will be at least $15,000 cheaper. That's $200 per pony. For $10,000 more I could install an APS turbo and have close to 600 HP. I don't need that much under the hood. Anything over 375 is gravy.

    Pls continue........