Anyone ordering a GT500 or are you merely salivating ?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by LordHalbert, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Getting a Shelby

    I don't think having to pay over sticker for these cars will be a problem. Ford is planning to produce at least 9,000 coupes, so the supply will be there.
    I went straight to my local dealer when the news broke last Spring and I was informing them, they had not heard anything about the cars being green lighted.
    As of today Ford is still being mum about release plans, but I have been assured that I will receive the Shelby of my choice for sticker when they are released. I may be wrong but I just don't think that prices will be escalated.
    I have purchased several cars and trucks from this dealership and I feel confident that they will stand behind what they say. As far as I'm concerned is what color? Black or Grey? and how good will it look seeing it sitting in my garage next to my 94 Indy and my 65 coupe.
  2. i'm sorry guys.but imho,anyone who is satisfied with buying this should really look at the weight.3940?????????????? and thats the cpe. u would have to put this thing on a serious diet.but the problem with that is it won't be street legal. the zo6 is 505 h/p and weighs 3100,grant it u prolly cant' touch one of those for under 70k regardless of the msrp.but then again the gt500 prolly won't go for less than 45k.and thats a freakin ripoff. for a car that weighs 4000 lbs. i think not. i would just buil up what ever i had.b/c with that weight most people should have no problem taking this thing in the 1/4 with about 400 at the wheel in the 99-03 body that is.sorry if i stepped on anyone's dreams,this is only what i think.but some of you should really think about this before u buy it.i can hear motor-trend and car&driver now."yeah its quick,but 4000 lbs.come ford. get with it.

    i should mention that i sold my 2000 gt b/c i bought a house and didn't want to sell my harley. and i was waiting for this to come out so i could see the specs.i'm just dissapointed thats is by far the most h/p in a must ever,but its the heaviest.buyer be-ware.
    thanks for letting me vent,even if i don't have the right to do so anymore.
    love-peace-and hairgrease.