Wheels-Tires Anyone Out There Running Gold Wheels?

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  1. I've got a '94 GT that is black with the tan convertible top and I'm seriously thinking about going with gold wheels (vintage gold). I really like the True Forged Drifts that I saw on a guy's super clean fox that's on here. I would love to see some pics.

  2. How bout a gold grill? :D
  3. I think it would look great on a car with the tan top. I always thought it looked cheesy to have the tan top and silver wheels.
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  4. Post a picture of your car. I can make the wheels gold in Photoshop so you can get an idea.
  5. Thanks! That would be great!

    The first picture is my car. The second one is a sn95 with gold stripes that I think would look really good on mine. The third one is wheels that groverdill has on his car that are some of the best looking wheels I think I've ever seen on a fox but I'm not sure how they would look on mine in gold. And the last one is just an absolute beautiful creation.

    I'm just trying to get some ideas for something different.

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  6. Only if it's got diamonds!
  7. This is a really crude rendering. I could do more to finish the stripes, but this should give you an idea.

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  8. Those are the SVE Drift wheels. I kinda like those also. I was thinking of getting them in black but I am still undecided.
  9. Wow! Thanks! Looks great! Since that picture was taken I have tinted the windows and the tail lights and it made a huge difference. Now to get some new wheels and lower it!
  10. Here ya go.

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  11. Those look sharp! I've wanted a set of gold wheels to put on my GTS that's deep forest green... I've got a set of deep-dish, staggered 17" Bullits with riveted rims on it now with Anthracite spokes, I'm thinking of having them powder-coated in gold.
  12. It's the top that spoils the look IMHO. What is the interior color?
  13. 2004 Anniversary GT's came with bullitt wheels that featured gold spokes.

    Had a buddy put a set on his 2000 sunburst gold GT and it looked good

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  14. Those look the best imo
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  15. Those gold bullits do look pretty nice. Not a big fan of the solid gold look - a little 'ghetto' for my taste. But to each his own, obviously you like what you like.
    <---- ;)