anyone pour cement before??

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  1. Ok..I am looking to build a cement slab to put a barn on to store my mustang for the next 3 years while I am in germany....the dimensions of the slab are 12' x 16' and 4" thick. I will have some sort of wire reinforcement in the cement. it is the back yard of a house...ground will need leveled, etc..

    WHAT IS A DECENT PRICE to have someone do this? It doesn't have to be perfect..just hold my car.

  2. $1400.00 But cement is hard to get around here...
  3. For that small amount I would do it myself (my neighbor did a small slab himself). Total yards is only 2.5 yards. A standard truck holds about 6-7 yards. He had a hard time getting a truck to come out since concrete is always in demand here. You are going to pay extra to have a half truck.

    Anyway, concrete is probably $75/yard, you will have to check plus need wood for form and metal. Figure labor to be equal to material. $700 - $800
  4. that would be alot of 80 lb bags of cement. i work for a construction company and have poured my share of concrete, you would be hard pressed to mix all the bags before it started to dry. you should have no problem getting a truck to come out. just make sure your not gonna have cold weather. enjoy.
  5. That should be a very easy pour. get a truck.. gonan be close on the coast either way. I have poured concrete for about 11 years. I would love a job that easy lol. consider fibercrete so you dont need mesh. wont changethe cost much.. but mesh is a pain in the arse!!
  6. I just did my own garage and needed crete for 26'x28' with a 12"x16" slab thickening around the edge. Cost me about $1800 for 12 yards of concrete, that was Canadian $. Plus another $700 for rebar. You may as well do it right the first time. You will probably have to pay a small load charge for them to bring just 2.5 yards. I don't know where you are but maybe check what your building code restrictions are first it they apply.
  7. its a good time to burry all your old metal scraps :banana:
  8. get the truck to deliver it............make our own form, and rebar can save a fortune if you just get the delivery/pour.......have some friends with wheelbarels (2-3) and just dump and work it......its not that hard, and for that size it should only take a 1/2 a day.....have fun......:nice:
  9. No one pours cement... they pour concrete. Usually labor is the same ammount plus a small percentage of the materials.

    So take 12' x 16' and multiply it by 4"s into Feet so

    12 x 16 x .33 = 63.36
    now divide by 27 to get Cu.YRDs = 2.3 + 5% (for low spots) = 2.4 so you are goign to pay a short load fee as you only need 2.5 yrds, form up a patio ewxtension or something to at least get 5yrds total or so. Not sure if your local batch plant charges a fee or not. If you've never done concrete before you might be better of hiring a contractor. If you still want to do it on your own, just screed (run a 2x4 across it a few times in a sawing motion, run a good edge on it, and just put a broom finish on) A pad that size can be done by 2 people, but 3's a good number. Good luck
  10. Dont use rebar a 4" pad, if you want reinforcement get some wire mesh (cheaper any way) and use rocks for chairs (to suspend the mesh to almost the middle of the pad)

    If you want to be cheap, chicken wire will work too as long as the batch plant doesn't use large aggregate.
  11. myponyrocks has the right idea, ive also worked masonry/construction for 2 years...

    get wiremesh and suspend it with random ****/scraps. You will be amazed at how strong it will be for a LONG time... get a truck, have them pour it for you, and let it dry- then write your name in it